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We offer in-person and online private ACT tutoring.

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Private  (one-on-one) ACT tutoring is the most effective tutoring we offer.  

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ACT English Tutoring

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ACT Math Tutoring

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ACT Reading Tutoring

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ACT Science Tutoring


Who benefits from private ACT prep tutoring?

Every student

  • Ideal for top scorers pushing for 31 and higher
  • Excellent for students who are uncomfortable asking questions in a class setting.
  • Students who are reserved and won’t ask questions in a class setting
  • The best option for low scorers (16-21) who lack confidence and feel overwhelmed by the test.

What are the benefits of private ACT prep tutoring?

  • Flexible scheduling, including weekends
  • Instruction geared entirely to each student’s needs
  • Homework assignments individualized for each student—built-in review is included as needed.
  • Immediate feedback and assessment of progress
  • Safe work environment–no embarrassment asking questions

    Why is one-on-one ACT tutoring so effective?

    Private tutoring is the gold standard of ACT prep.  It is focused and efficient.  Every session is geared specifically to the needs of each student.  We start by setting goal scores–for the composite and each subtest–and then develop a plan. So, for example, a student whose goal score is 25 but who has previous scores of 28 in English and 18 in math will create a different study plan than a student whose goal is also 25 but who starts with scores of 18 in English and 28 in math.

    It is as beneficial to spend time to raise a student’s high scores as the low ones because it is easier to build on strengths than remediate weaknesses.  Thus, for example, a student who starts with  28s only needs to answer five more questions in English and six more in math to reach a 33.  This is a realistic goal.  In contrast, a student with an 18 only gets 20 by answering five more in English and 21 by answering six more in math.  The total goal score is an average of the four scores.

    During private ACT tutoring sessions, students

    • Set a goal score and learn how many correct answers are needed to reach it.
    • Work with two subject specialist coaches: English/Reading and Math/Science.
    • Receive customized test-taking strategies and subject reviews.
    • Complete homework that includes the most recent ACT  practice tests. We teach strategies in our tutoring sessions and give students tests to practice for homework.  The more practice tests students are prepared to take, the higher their scores will be.

    How many hours of ACT tutoring do I need?

    We do not have a fixed number of tutoring hours students are required to take, but we determine the tutoring hours based on two criteria:  what score is the student starting with on each of the four subtests, and what are his/her goals for each one.

    As a rule of thumb, we recommend starting with at least 4 hours for each ACT subtest:  English, math, reading, and science.  We then adjust the hours based on how well a student progresses.  Each student’s schedule is geared to achieve maximum success.

    Call (573)239-4074 if you have any questions.

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