Teacher as ACT Coaches Workshop (TAC)

(5 Hours)



(TACs are also available as online video courses.)

The ACT is a “teachable test,” meaning that students who prepare for it raise their scores. As college costs rise, student debt is growing.  High scores on the ACT assure students of scholarship aid that reduces college debt.  Teachers who can coach the ACT make ACT prep available to all students.

Drs. Moss and Chippendale developed the Teachers as ACT Coaches over thirty years ago to allow ACT coaching to be readily–and inexpensively– incorporated into their schools. As coaches themselves, they were able to develop a unique ACT program that is best suited to students’ needs. Drs. Chippendale and Moss also wrote accompanying workbooks for teachers and students.


  • All high school students can benefit from ACT prep.
  • English, math, and science teachers are trained to be the most effective ACT coaches because they can teach the strategies that are specific for each test while also answering subject based questions. They can explain the “whys” of the test content in a way generalist tutors cannot.
  • Teachers learn that ACT prep is not a one-size- fits all program but geared to the goal scores of each student. Thus, the ACT preparation offered to students aiming for an 18 is very different from that given students shooting for a 28.

The comprehensive curriculum and materials teachers receive in the TAC allow them to return to their schools and start coaching their students. Teachers receive comprehensive packets of materials that include workbooks, ACT tests, handouts, power points, and lesson plans geared to multiple levels of student performance.

Drs. Moss and Chippendale continue to work with students on ACT prep, and their strategies are thus student-tested and successful. They stay current with all the changes that are made on the ACT and share them with teachers in the TAC workshops.

Materials teachers will receive attending the Teachers as ACT Coaches workshop

Participating teachers receive all the materials they need to run ACT prep classes: Teachers receive lesson plans, power points, ACT tests, and additional worksheets. They are provided access to a website where they can download what they need. New material is added to this website on a regular basis.


Teachers sign up for an

English/Reading or Math/Science Session

Host your own!

November 10th, 2023

(3610 Buttonwood Dr., Columbia, MO)

Time: 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.  (one hour for lunch)   

Live workshop attendance cost: $375.00 

Online Teachers as ACT Coaches Courses

– Online Teachers as ACT Math/Science Coaches Course, workbook, and a packet of materials
– Teachers as ACT English/Reading Coaches Course, workbook, and a packet of materials

Course fee: $325.00

Previous participants thoughts

Very informative! Classroom ready! Love the PowerPoint. Even after my third time with you, I am still learning new information.” 

 “This workshop was practical and had easy-to- teach tips and there were lots of materials to use.”

 “The strategies kids can use to answer questions gives the kids hope when making the task not so daunting.” 

 “Dr. Moss gave us tools we can actually use with our students. I can use this information in ACT preparation AND pass it on to other classroom teachers!”

 “Dr. Chippendale was thorough, knowledgeable, experienced and helpful to all of us at every level. She is delightful and went quickly so nothing dragged.” 

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