ACT Workbooks

The ACT prep program developed by Drs. Chippendale and Moss are built around authentic ACT tests. The first edition of their workbooks was written in 1995, and the workbooks have been updated regularly to take into account changes that have been made to the test during that time.
Teachers have found the workbooks extremely useful in prepping students for the ACT. The accompanying Lesson Plans are available for both a short and semester long class.

The sale of these materials is limited to schools.

#100: The 2019 Student ACT Workbook for English and Reading

($19 each)

Includes 6 chapters:

  • Tackling the English Test
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar “(which also covers the rhetorical questions)
  • The Optional Writing Test
  • Specific Strategies for the Reading Test
  • Additional information (commonly confused words pairs, Glossary of Terms, last-minute tips)

#101: The 2018 Student ACT Workbook for Math and Science

($19 each)

Includes 5 chapters:

  • An introduction to the ACT math tests
  • A systematic, comprehensive math review. Updated to include the more advanced topics that have been occurring more frequently
  • Specific strategies for taking the ACT math test
  • An introduction to the ACT science test
  • Specific strategies for the ACT science test