What are the benefits of working towards the highest possible score?
  • College Entrance – higher scores open many more doors
  • Scholarships – every point counts. The higher the score, the higher the scholarship. ACT scores are directly tied to scholarships as well as awards.
  • A score of 31 or higher automatically earns a Missouri resident a $3,000.00 “Bright Flight” scholarship to all Missouri colleges and universities.
  • Keeps students out of remedial English and math classes in college. Scores below 18 in English and 21 in math require students to take them. The remedial classes cost the same as regular classes but offer no credits.
What colleges and universities accept the ACT?

  • All accredited colleges and universities in the U.S. accept the ACT.
How is the ACT test structured?

Multiple choice standardized test questions

  • Four sections: English (45 min), Math (60 min) Reading (35min), and Science (35min)
  • Scored on a scale of 1-36; 21 is the approximate state and national average.
  • Offered six times each year: September, October, December, February, April, and June. For a charge, students can order copies of their graded December, April, and June ACT tests.  This year, in response to the CORONA VIRUS cancellations, the ACT is offering additional test  dates in September (12, 13, 19) and October (10, 17, 24, 25)
What is the ACT optional writing section?
  • Measures a student’s reasoning and writing skills
  • The test is scored on a scale of 8-36 based on 4 domain scores, each having a scale of 2-12. Writing score is not included in the composite score but yields two additional scores: a Writing Score and a Composite English/Writing Score.
What is the ACT Super Score some colleges and universities are now using?
  • The Super Score is obtained by computing the highest subject score a student earns on all prior ACT tests in English, Reading, Math, and Science.
  • Super scores help both students and universities raise composite scores.

Example: a student who has scored an 18, 21, and 24 on three Math ACT tests will receive a 24 on the math super score.

Does the ACT offer accommodations?
  • ACT provides accommodations, including extra time, for students with IEPS and 504 Plans.
  • Request for accommodations must be made by the school counselor at least 6 weeks before the test.
What is the minimum ACT score required for the University of Missouri?
  • Minimum ACT score for entry to the University of Missouri is a 21.
  • Average ACT score at the University of Missouri is a 25.

Minimum ACT scores for University of Missouri Scholarships

Award ACT          Score     Other criteria Application Scholarship Amount
Excellence Award 27-36 Automatic $2000
Excellence Award 27-36 Automatic $1000
Curator’s Award 28 Automatic $4500
Chancellor’s Award 31 Automatic $6500
Quadrangle Award 30 Homeschooled or non-accredited high school Automatic $2000
Mizzou Scholars Award 33 Excellent high school record Apply by Dec 1 with resume and essay $10000
Dr. Donald Suggs Scholarship 27 Minority Scholarship Apply by Dec 1 $15000 with additional $7000 possible for study abroad
George C. Brooks Scholarship 25 Minority Scholarship Apply by Dec 1 $7500


20 Highest Ranked Colleges
Ranking University ACT Score
25th/75th percentile
1 Princeton 31/35
2 Harvard 32/35
3 Yale 31/35
4 (tied) Columbia 31/34
4 (tied) Stanford 31/34
4 (tied) University of Chicago 32/35
7 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 33/35
8 Duke 31/34
9 University of Pennsylvania 31/34
10 (tied) California Institute of Technology 34/35
10 (tied) Johns Hopkins 31/34
12 (tied) Dartmouth College 30/34
12 (tied) Northwestern University 31/34
14 Brown University 30/34
15 (tied) Cornell University 30/34
15 (tied) Vanderbilt University 32/34
15 (tied) Washington University 32/34
18 (tied) Rice University 31/34
18 (tied) University of Notre Dame 32/34
20 Emory University 29/32


ACT scores for direct admission to competitive programs at the University of Missouri
Program ACT Composite ACT Math
Journalism 29
Nursing Scholars 31
Honors College 31
Bioengineering 32 32
Computer Science 32 32
Chemical Engineering 32 32
Civil and Environmental Engineering 32 32
Electrical and Computer Engineering 32 32
Mechanical and Aerospace 32 32
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems 32 32


Average ACT Scores for Missouri Colleges and Universities
School Average ACT Score
Columbia College 23
Central Methodist University 21
Drury University 26
Missouri University of Science & Technology 28
Missouri State University 24
Rockhurst University 26
St.Louis University 27
Stephens College 23
University of Missouri 25
University of Missouri-Kansas City 24
UMKC_BA/MD Program 31
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