ACT Classes

 We’ve been teaching students ACT prep strategies for success for over 35 years.

Our goal is to get you college choices and major scholarships.  EVERY POINT GAIN on the ACT leads to additional scholarship $$$$.  

We offer ACT instruction for every score level! Our tutors are all subject specialists trained to coach the ACT.  Our English tutors do not teach the math section of the ACT, nor do the math teachers cover the reading test.

The ACT is a curriculum-based test.  Thus, our students get the best of both worlds:  they get answers to specific subject-based questions while learning the critical test-taking strategies that raise scores.

Our hybrid classes include the introductory  JUMP START (4 hrs.) and our newly restructured ACT PREP CLASS (15 hrs.) with OPTIONAL ADD-ON 1:1  TUTORING.

ACT Prep Jump Start

ACT Prep Jump Start

 (4 Hours)

Never taken the ACT before and feeling a little nervous?  This quick review class shows students what they can expect on the test and reviews key strategies for each subject area: English, math, reading, and science.  This class covers each subject for an hour, and students will take and score a practice passage for each.


ACT Prep Fundamentals Class
Hybird ACT Prep Class with optional ONE-ON-ONE tutoring
 (20 HOURS)
A hybrid  ACT prep class. Students have two options: 1) enroll only in the class, which covers the content and test-taking strategies of the four subject tests and incorporates practice ACT tests or 2) add 1:1 tutoring sessions to personalize instruction.

The tutoring sessions will address each student’s specific needs: additional review, greater clarification of content and test questions, and the opportunity to take additional practice tests.


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