ACT English and Writing Tutoring

ACT English Tutoring

What is ACT English tutoring?

Private English tutoring shows students how this, the easiest test on the ACT, can be mastered by reviewing the rules of punctuation, grammar, and rhetoric that make up the test. Students are taught to think of the correct answer before looking at the answer choices. The English test is the most predictable test on the ACT. Students read five passages and decide whether the 75 words/phrases/sentences that are underlined are correct or need to be changed. All questions deal with punctuation, grammar, and word choice. Students who approach the test by just plugging in answer choices and hoping one makes sense waste time and get confused. Students review the rules of punctuation, grammar, and rhetoric (word choice) that are used in the questions.

What are benefits of ACT English tutoring?

In ACT English tutoring students learn to

  • Approach the test as editors who can identify correct choices and correct wrong ones.
  • Review the rules of punctuation, grammar, and rhetoric that are used to structure the test.
  • Apply rules of punctuation
  • Apply grammar rules
  • Interpret rhetorical questions
  • Ignore the ACT suggestion that they read the passage before starting to answer questions
  • Time themselves for 9 minutes/passage and learn how to pace themselves.
  • Learn when to let go of a question and guess.

ACT Writing Tutoring

What is ACT writing tutoring?

ACT writing tutoring prepares students for the challenging optional writing test, a 40-minute essay that evaluates writing skills students will need in their entry-level college composition classes. Students are given a prompt about a complex issue and three perspectives on that issue and asked to write an essay that develops their own perspective. Their perspective, in turn, must show a relationship to one or more of the ACT prompt perspectives. The ACT evaluates students on their ability to analyze and evaluate multiple issues, develop their perspective, explain and support their ideas with detailed examples, organize their ideas clearly, and communicate effectively using standard written English.

What are benefits of ACT writing tutoring?

During their writing sessions, students will learn how to

  • Think like ACT evaluators by studying already scored passages to determine how the ACT applies its scoring criteria in the main categories of Ideas and Analysis, Development and Support, Organization, and Language Use and Conventions.
  • Break the prompt and its three perspectives into a workable 5 -paragraph outline
  • Develop their perspective on the issue
  • Offer support for the perspective taken
  • Organize ideas clearly and logically, using Standard English

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