Student SAT Prep

Why SAT prep? 

  A high SAT score brings opportunity. It not only helps students gain entry to the college or university of their choice but can help them secure scholarships that greatly reduce financial burdens. Students who experience success on this challenging exam gain confidence that further success awaits them in college and beyond

Yet the SAT is unlike any test students have had in high school and thus can blindside those  who take it unaware.  The content of the text –the wording of the verbal questions and the framing of the math questions –confuse and stress the unprepared.  And then there is the issue of timing, something today’s students are not used to dealing with in class. 

 We teach students strategies to take the test with confidence and success.  To make real progress,  students must  always  know why they miss a question so they won’t make the same mistake again.  Wmany students see significant gains from our 24-hour online SAT class, others prefer the complete individualization they receive during private one-on-one sessions.  Either way, our  SAT prep will raise scores.
































































































































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