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Focus On Learning Center

Focus on Learning is a privately owned education center, and its experienced tutors are dedicated to bringing out the genius in every learner.

We recognize that children mature at different rates and have varying interests—both of which must be recognized for optimal learning. Similarly, students’ varied learning styles affect their performance in school. For example, the sequential, linear, linguistic left brain learner thrives in a reading program that stresses phonics and sight word learning. In contrast, the holistic, visual, right brain hands-on learner can’t differentiate phonemes or sounds and becomes totally confused by reading tasks that don’t offer him or her contextual information that makes sense. The first learner can memorize information presented in lists—the second has to see the relationship between the words so they can be categorized to make sense before there is any hope of learning them. The first has a built-in mental calendar and rarely misses homework or test deadlines. The second swears that there was no homework assigned and looks surprised when the tests are passed out in class.

Both learners can succeed in school–though the second needs to understand how he or she learns and adapt accordingly. We help our students recognize how to optimize their own learning by working to their strengths.

Focus tutors are all highly educated and experienced teachers who have a passion for helping students learn and succeed. All tutors are subject area specialists who adapt their teaching to meet individual needs. Students and tutors work one-on-one in private rooms to maximize learning.

We offer a wide range of tutoring for students from grade one through college in reading, writing, math, and sciences. Study skills are taught at all levels.
College or other secondary education has become mandatory for students in the 21st century, and we have developed a widely acclaimed ACT program that is used statewide. We offer classes for both students and teachers who want to coach the ACT or learn ACT strategies to incorporate into their classrooms.
We offer subject tutoring in Columbia, MO and via Skype and Go to Meeting elsewhere. We are currently in the process of developing webinars and videos for students and teachers.

Our ACT classes for teachers and students are scheduled in Columbia and in schools across Missouri and beyond.

Our Purpose

Unlocking the genius in every learner

Focus on Learning teachers work to unlock the genius in every learner. Our one-on-one sessions, nationally recognized ACT test preparation courses, and learning interventions are tailored to each student’s needs.

In traditional classrooms, a student’s strengths and struggles can often be overlooked. Teachers face constraints and pressures that limit their ability to meet each student’s needs. Discouraged kids lose critical learning time, and they keep falling further and further behind. Some fail and just give up on school.

At Focus on Learning, we know every student is much more than a grade or a test score. We help students understand that it’s okay to make mistakes because mistakes are a natural part of the learning process. We work with students and parents to develop targeted study plans that make learning interesting and successful for every student. That means students who come to us grow as learners—and as people.


  • Awaken curiosity
  • Develop successful learning strategies for reading, writing, math, sciences
  • Build effective study and time management skills
  • Master 21st Century reasoning skills
  • Experience success with critical STEM skills in math and science
  • Feel pride in effort and persistence
  • Exceed expectations

We help students become confident learners who are not afraid to take risks and who move successfully from elementary school to middle school to high school to college and beyond.

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