Focus on Learning

Focus On Learning Center

Focus on Learning is a locally owned education center for high school students who want a boost to prepare for college success.  Our tutors are experienced teachers who help students improve their academic skills. They are also test prep coaches who show students how to maximize their scores on the ACT and SAT, two vitally important college entrance exams.  College is becoming more competitive and expensive.  While grades are known to be the single best predictor for college success, many colleges continue to rely more heavily on  ACT and SAT scores.  HIgh grades and high test scores create the unbeatable ticket for college admission. 

Both the ACT and SAT are “teachable” tests, and we have the experience and know-how to show students how to significantly  improve their test scores.  We’ve been succeeding now  for over 30 years!  Students have the option to schedule one-on-one session or to participate in small classes: Advanced Class, Fundamentals Class, Jump Start, or Bright Flight (June test only).

We believe that the majority of high school students benefit from ACT coaching, and we work with teachers to train them to become ACT Coaches (Teachers as ACT Coaches or TAC) and show how the ACT can be integrated into their classroom curricula (Teaching for ACT Success or TFS).  We offer on site classes and Saturday workshop.  We also offer long-distance ACT prep via Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Skype.


Our Purpose

To prepare  students for college entrance and success  


  • Develop effective strategies for reading, writing, math, sciences
  • Learn critical STEM skills in math and science
  • Build self-confidence
  • Develop test taking skills that lead to success on ACT and SAT
  • Feel pride in effort and persistence
  • Exceed expectations
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