Teacher ACT Workshops

The ACT is a “teachable test.” It is very predictable. It has clearly identified traps on each section that are designed to lead the test taker astray. It needs a broad distribution of scores to meet its goal of being a predictive instrument for college success. It is a challenging and difficult test for many students.

Students who prepare for the ACT improve their scores. Students are tripped up by the wording of the test questions, a lack of background in a particular subject are, and, most of all, by confusion about the timing. Students consistently complain about “running out of time.”

We ask students to establish a goal score and show them how to achieve it. We 1) review subject background in key areas, including English and Math; 2) teach specific test-taking strategies for each of the four test – English, Math, Reading, and Science; and 3) show students how to pace themselves when taking the test. Our students have improved their scores from 1-10 points. Typically gains run between 2-4 points

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