ACT Reading Tutoring

Private ACT Reading tutoring teaches students reading strategies that will boost their score. Many students dread the reading test and score poorly because they lack the skills they need to tackle the passages and questions efficiently. Slow reading and difficulty interpreting the questions contribute to their lack of success. During private ACT tutoring sessions, we show slower readers how to maximize their scores by using specific and proven reading strategies. We show faster readers how to move through the passages more efficiently. Students learn to identify the traps hidden in the wording of questions.

What is ACT reading tutoring?

During private ACT Reading tutoring sessions, students learn the content and structure of the reading passages and how to tackle them effectively. Students work through individual questions, learning how to identify embedded traps.

Many students struggle on the reading test because they are slow readers and often do not know how to interpret what they read. The texts are written on a college level. Most students no longer take timed tests in school, so timing has become an increasingly critical issue on all standardized tests. It is challenging to convince teenagers—who rarely wear a watch—that correct pacing is critical to success.

    What are the benefits of ACT reading tutoring?

    Private ACT reading tutoring helps every student to

    • Set a goal score and know how many questions he/she has answered correctly to reach it.
    • Prioritize passages, so they are working to their strengths.
    • Learn to identify the structure of passages.
    • Identify and avoid specific traps built into every test.
    • Interpret questions correctly.
    • Learn pacing strategies for getting through the text and when to “let go” of a question and guess
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