Private ACT Tutoring

What is private ACT tutoring?

Private subject tutoring offers students who are having difficulty in a specific subject or learning area to meet with an experienced teacher who can help them identify the source of their difficulty and work to overcome it. Tutors at Focus on Learning have experienced subject specialists, not generalists. Students struggling in math will work with math teachers, and students needing help with writing will see an English teacher. The expertise teachers bring to each learning sessions allows them to diagnose problem areas and develop the strategists that will help. Every tutoring session is customized for the student. The tutor and student thus form a bond of trust that encourages questions and maximizes learning.

    What are the benefits of private ACT tutoring?

    • Flexible scheduling, including weekends.
    • Instruction is geared around the specific needs of each student.
    • Tutors are experienced teachers in a specific academic area.
    • Students work with teachers who are familiar with the content and can readily answer questions.
    • Students can ask questions without embarrassment.
    • No embarrassment asking question

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