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This watch has proven successful time and time again for students globally. It currently works for the English, Math, Reading, Science, and Writing ACT Sections under Standard time conditions, as well as for the test under both types of extended time conditions.

The watch can also be programmed to a custom time for any test (AP, High School exams, etc.).

Testing Timers watches are allowed in all tests due to their encryption and compliance with test room requirements.

For additional assurance, you can download and print test-room compliance document here.

This watch also serves as a normal wrist watch.

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50 Proven ACT Tips.pdf with TI-84 Calculator Programs

ACT Math-Science Workbook

Welcome to the ultimate resource for ACT test takers! If you’re preparing for the ACT and looking for effective tips and strategies to improve your score, you’ve come to the right place. Our Focus on Learning Center team has compiled 50 Proven ACT Tips Guaranteed to Raise Your Score, along with an amazing bonus tool: the TI-84 ACT Calculator Program. With this program, you’ll be able to easily solve math problems and access important formulas during your practice and on the actual test day. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to ace the ACT – read on to learn more about our tips and the powerful calculator program!


ACT Workbooks

Digital ACT Prep English/Reading Workbook

Digital ACT Prep English/Reading Workbook

Includes 5 chapters

  • Tackling the English Test: setting goal score, pacing, and strategizing
  • Reviewing the Basics:  Punctuation
  • Reviewing the Basics: Grammar
  • Reviewing the Basics of  Rhetoric (Word Use)
  • The Optional Writing Test
  • Strategies for the Reading Test
  • Appendix: Commonly Confused Word Pairs, definition of terms


Digital ACT Math/Science Workbook

Digital ACT Prep Math/Science Workbook

Includes 5 chapters:

  • An introduction to the ACT math tests
  • A systematic, comprehensive math review. Updated to include the more advanced topics that have been occurring more frequently
  • Specific strategies for taking the ACT math test
  • An introduction to the ACT science test
  • Specific strategies for the ACT science test


    Online ACT Student Prep Packets

    Digital ACT Prep English/Reading Workbook

    Online ACT English/Reading Student Prep Packet

    • ACT prep English/Reading Workbook (2022) (hard copy extra $15 plus shipping)
    • Tips for Taking the ACT
    • Punctuation Cheat Sheet
    • ACT English and Reading Quick Review Worksheet
    • Sentence Boundaries Worksheet
    • Punctuation Worksheet
    • Pronouns and Apostrophes
    • Wordiness
    • Reading Context Cues

    All ACT prep materials were written by Dr. Ene-Kaja Chippendale


    Digital ACT Prep English/Reading Workbook

    Online ACT Math/Science Student Prep Packet

    • ACT Prep Math and Science Workbook (2022) (hard copy extra $15 plus shipping)
    • The Power of Random Guessing
    • Pacing on the ACT Math Test
    • Introducing Graphing Calculators
    • ACT Math: Execution and Comprehension Error Checklist
    • ACT Science Test Diagnostic
    • ACT Science Passages
    • ACT Calculator Programs and Instructions

    All ACT prep math and science materials were written by Dr. Gary Moss.


    Digital ACT Prep English/Reading Workbook
    Digital ACT Prep English/Reading Workbook

    Online ACT Student Prep Packets 

    • You will receive digital copies of both packets together.


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