Student ACT Prep

The ACT is a “teachable test.” It is very predictable. It has clearly identified traps on each section that are designed to lead the test taker astray. It is a challenging and difficult test for many students.

Students who prepare for the ACT improve their scores from one to 8 points. Our largest gain to date is 10 points. The more practice ACT tests students take, the higher their scores. The ACT is full of tricks and traps and students are also thrown off by the timing on each section. They don’t have to worry about timing on school tests, and timing is everything on the ACT. Many students struggle to finish and others never do.

During ACT prep students 1) Set a goal score and learn how many questions they have to answer to reach it. 2) Review relevant content for English and math. 3) Learn test-specific strategies for all four sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science. 4) Practice efficient pacing strategies so they get through each test.