PSAT Tutoring

PSAT Tutoring

Though the PSAT test is often not high on students’  college testing radar and many schools do little to promote it,  high scores on the  PSAT bring students  both prestige and money.  The PSAT is a shorter, easier version of the SAT and thus offers good practice for students who plan  to take the SAT.  Top scorers become Merit semi-Finalists (top 4%) and then move on to the next level by  writing an essay and taking either the SAT or ACT.  The lucky Merit Scholars (top 1%) are then pretty well set for college admission.   

Our PSAT tutoring has proven results. Dr. Ene-Kaja Chippendale for the verbal tests and Dr. Gary Moss for the math sections offer one-on-one tutoring to sophomores and juniors to prepare them for this high stakes test.  They recommend 20 hours of tutoring, 10 in each area.  The number of hours can be adjusted based on progress.  

PSAT prep involves some background review in core subjects, including math and English, and practice using authentic, retired PSAT tests.  Students also learn the critical pacing strategies that allow them to navigate through the test comfortably and successfully.

The PSAT is not an easy test, and effective prep makes all the difference. High achieving students should challenge themselves and  give the PSAT a try.  The pay back is well worth the effort. 

The 2020 PSAT is scheduled for October 14, 2020 (primary test day), October 17, 2020 (Saturday test day), and October 28, 2020 (alternative test day).  Sign up today for tutoring.

Why would private PSAT tutoring help me?

Private PSAT  tutoring sessions are geared specifically for your needs.  We will evaluate your starting point and gear the tutoring so by the end of the sessions you will be know both the content and test taking strategies  you need to for each test.  You will take multiple practice PSAT tests and assess your errors to avoid making them again.  Practice really makes perfect, as our Merit semi finalists and finalists have attested.   

What are the advantages of private PSAT tutoring?

Private tutoring offers many advantages over group sessions

  • Flexible scheduling, including weekends
  • Instruction geared entirely to your needs
  • Homework assignments individualized for you
  • Immediate feedback and assessment of  your progress
  • Comfortable environment for asking questions

Who benefits from private PSAT tutoring?

  • Every ambitious student who is  ready to work hard to earn the prize of the Merit, either as a semifinalist or finalist.