4.5 hour ACT Jump Start / Fish Bowl Academy

Why sign up for the ACT JUMP START?

What is the ACT Fish Bowl? 

The ACT Jump Start prepares students from being blindsided by this tricky and high-stakes test. The ACT Jump Start Academy is a quick overview that prepares students for each of the sub-sections of the test. 

The ACT Fish Bowl allows teacher-coaches to observe & learn the  ACT content and strategies, and then use FOL resources to teach further sections on their own.


  •  Students participate in two 2:15 sessions English/Reading and Math/Science and learn the content and structure of each test.   Participants take a pre-arranged break between the two sessions.
  • GOAL SCORES and PACINGthe key elements for success!  Students learn how to set their goal score and use pacing strategies to reach it.
  • Students review the key traps and tricks on each subject test.
  • Students review critical content in English, math, reading, and science.

Students receive a comprehensive handout of the key tips, tricks, and strategies from the class to follow during lecture and later for review.  They use the ACT test 76CPRE to take practice passages in class, and use for further practice.

Base Cost

  • Up to 20 students work with E/R and M/S  teachers
    • Zoom                $975
    • Live                    $1200
  • $55 for each additional student
  • Schools have the option to print the class resources, or we can bring printed packets starting at $15/student.  For Zoom classes, shipping will be extra.
  • Schools have the option to purchase ACT prep English/reading and math/science workbooks for an additional $40/student
  • Mileage at $.585/mile for two ACT coaches
  • If the driving time exceeds 2 hours, or class begins before 9:30 a.m., hotel accommodations required for the first teacher for a one session class or two hotel rooms for a two session class.

Cost for Teachers in Fish Bowl

The cost per teacher is $100 for class participation, which includes a copy of the jumpstart class teaching Powerpoint & documents explaining solutions, tips & tricks, problem-solving methods, and approaches to challenging test questions.  Each participating school can also purchase additional ACT materials – including workbooks, worksheets, Powerpoints for longer ACT classes,  & additional released practice ACT tests.

Contact us for more details!

A great introductory class for both first-time test takers and students who want a refresher.
It sets the foundation for further prep.  It is also a mini hands-on coaching class for teachers.

  • Focus On Learning
    3610 Buttonwood Drive #200
    Columbia, MO 65201
    (417) 344-7055 (Office)
    (573) 239-4074 (Cell)

    * Required
    Optional: $15/student binder if FOL needs to print and deliver resources. For Zoom classes, add the cost of mailing binders.
  • Additional $55/student after 20
  • $100/teacher

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