ACT Science Tutoring

What is ACT science tutoring?

During private ACT science tutoring sessions a student works with a science teacher/ACT coach to learn how the test is structured and how to approach it to earn maximum points. The test focuses on identifying and applying research principles, though there has been an increase in the amount of factual information students need to remember from their science classes. The test includes three types of passages: Data Representation, Research Summaries, and Conflicting Viewpoints. Students learn how to prioritize the passages based on their science background.

    What are the benefits of ACT science tutoring?

    Students will learn how to

    • Apply research principled and their science background to ACT questions.
    • Review facts from elementary school science
    • Use the five research principles found on every science test.
    • Develop a “science sense” for making educated guesses.
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