Why should students take the April 15th ACT Test?

Why should students take the April 15th ACT Test?

April’s ACT test is one of the most popular ACT tests of the year.

For juniors, this is a great time to start taking the ACT. If a student has kept up in math, they will have been exposed to all of the math content covered on the ACT. Students preparing for the ACT before their junior year sometimes lack the knowledge and understanding of the advanced topics on the ACT test. We suggest students get their goal ACT score before their senior year starts. 

For seniors, this is the last chance to they can get their goal score before graduation. Students who graduate can still take the June and July ACT test before starting the beginning of their college freshman year. However, some special programs and scholarships may have already been taken and students will have to wait to their sophomore year of college to try to apply for them.

We believe the biggest benefit of taking the April 15th ACT test is that students can order their scores and have them sent to back to them. Students can assess these scores with a professional ACT prep expert and have them look over their strengths and weaknesses and create a customized study plan. 

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There are several reasons why students might take the ACT in April:

  • Timing for college admission: April is one of the main months for taking the ACT, as it falls within the typical timeline for college admissions. Many colleges have application deadlines in the winter or early spring, making April a convenient time to take the test.
  • Preparing for test day: For many students, taking the ACT in April allows them to prepare and study during the months leading up to the test. This can help increase the chances of a higher score and give students a better chance of being accepted into their desired colleges.
  • Meeting high school requirements: Some high schools may require students to take the ACT as part of their graduation requirements, and the April administration of the test may be the best option for fulfilling this requirement.
  • Improving scores: For students who have already taken the ACT and want to improve their scores, the April 15th ACT is an opportunity to retake the test and improve their chances of getting into their desired college or scholarship program.

Keep in mind that these are general reasons and the specific reasons for taking the ACT in April may vary from student to student.

To sign up for the April 15th ACT test go to https://my.act.org/account/signin. The link will open a new tab.


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