Tutoring Packages

Focus on Learning services are available by the hour or package.
Hourly tutoring services range in price from $80 to $125 per hour. 


Packages are available for reduced prices and include Standardized Test Preparation Services.


Please click the Contact Tutors or Tutoring Packages links to register, or click on the links below. 
Price List  for Packages

Please click on each package below to register.

8-Hour Package


($85 per hour)

12-Hour Package


($75 per hour)

16-Hour Package


($71.88 per hour)

24-Hour Package


($70 per hour)

Terms of Service for Packages
Packages can not be transferred between students. 
Each package must be used by the same person. 
Packages exclude services from Dr. Chippendale or Dr. Moss.
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