Effects of ACT Coaching

Effects of ACT Coaching
By Ene-Kaja Chippendale

Around a million and a half students take the ACT test annually. However, despite the large amount of money spent on ACT prep, there is virtually no research supporting the effects of ACT prep on score improvement.

To date, Focus on Learning has the only controlled study confirming that our ACT prep significantly increases ACT scores. Publishes in the 2012 Journal of College, the study found that students who participated in the coaching class increased their composite ACT score by 1.5 points over their previous highest ACT composite score. A comparable group at the same high school who did not participate in the coaching only achieved an increase of 0.65 points.  This difference is significant.  Individual score increases for the coached students rose as high as 6 points.  Coaching makes a difference.

What do a few points matter? A few points can make a significant difference in admission and scholarship awards.  A student with a mid-twenty composite score can get into many mid-level state or private universities. A student with a 31 or higher has a shot at Ivy League schools.   Scholarship awards are based heavily on ACT scores.  For example, one of our students who went from a 24 to a 33 on the ACT is going to college with an annual award of  $100,000.  ACT scores are also important for getting entrance into specialized programs such as engineering or journalism.  You can read more about the benefit to doing well on the ACT by clicking this link

Consider where you are now:  is your current ACT score what you need to get into your dream school or enter the program of your choice? Are you going to finish college in huge financial debt or will you have your college costs reduced or even mostly paid for?

Contact us if your score is not yet where it needs to be.  We can help you raise your score.  Not all our student gain 9 points, but the student who did work hard.  You can too. We offer one-on-one tutoring that is geared specifically to meet your needs.  We also offer small classes geared to all levels:  from beginners to those aiming for the 31 Bright Flight. Find out more about our ACT prep at https://focusonlearningcenter.com/student-act-prep and select the path that leads to your goals.

If you have any questions, please call us at 573-239-4074 today!

To read our published article about the effects of coaching, click on at  http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/EJ992994.pdf.

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