Writing Tutoring

What is writing tutoring?

Private writing tutoring puts students on a path of discovery and success in school and life! Students who learn to write well experience greater success across the curriculum in school. In the 21st century, clear, accurate writing is a much-needed skill in workplaces dominated by digital communications.

We know there is a writer in every student. That is why our writing tutoring sessions with our highly trained professionals turn frustrated, reluctant writers into enthusiasts ready to meet new challenges. We do more than offer standardized guidance on class assignments. We give students a reason to write—and to love writing.
We tailor our sessions to every student’s specific needs.

 What are the benefits of writing tutoring?

Students who receive writing tutoring will

  • Receive step by step guidance through the writing process—from vague idea to finished product.

  • Work with both school assignments and others that motivate and stimulate.

  • Learn the writing strategies that will carry them through college—and beyond.

    They will learn to

  • Organize their thoughts more clearly

  • Use appropriate grammar and syntax

  • Understand why they are writing—and why it is important

  • Use standard spelling

  • Revise and edit their work

  • Meet different writing expectations (short answers, essays, research papers, poetry, and short stories)

  • Learn to maximize technology for editing and use voice-activated programs for right-brain learners whose writing skills fall behind their oral proficiency.

  • Develop a rapport with the teacher that fosters the confidence and motivation needed for good writing.

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