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Are you struggling to integrate STEM concepts into your existing lesson plans? Do you want to improve your teaching skills and become a Content Teacher Leader? Look no further!

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Infusing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) into high school lesson plans can pose a formidable task for teachers, yet it remains an imperative step in the education of students, equipping them with the skills necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving world. Not only does STEM education hone problem-solving abilities, but it also prepares students for careers in fields that are rapidly expanding and in demand.

To integrate STEAM concepts seamlessly into existing lesson plans, consider the following strategies:

  • Commence with familiar territory: Incorporate STEAM principles into subjects you already teach. For instance, if teaching biology, present engineering concepts by having students devise and construct a model of a cell.
  • Seek collaboration: Collaborate with fellow educators to cross-fertilize STEAM concepts. For example, a mathematics teacher can collaborate with a science teacher to instruct a unit on geometry and its practical applications in reality.
  • Embrace hands-on involvement: Hands-on activities can effectively engage students in STEAM concepts. These activities can vary from simple experiments to complex projects such as robot construction or digital animation creation.
  • Leverage technology: Implement technology in the classroom to assist students in visualizing and comprehending STEAM concepts. For example, virtual simulations and interactive videos can provide students with a deeper understanding of complex topics, such as genetics or engineering design.
  • Link STEAM to real-world scenarios: Make STEAM relevant to students by relating it to real-world situations. For instance, educate students on the impact of climate change on wildlife or how mathematics and science are utilized in everyday life.

In conclusion, infusing STEAM into existing lesson plans can prove to be a challenging endeavor, yet it constitutes a wise investment in the future of students. By utilizing these tips and tapping into your creativity, you can bring STEAM concepts to life for your students and equip them with the tools necessary to tackle the obstacles of the 21st century.

What you’ll get:

  • Improved lesson plans that integrate STEAM concepts and relevant standards
  • Overview of Professional Learning Collaboratives (PLCs)
  • Resources for advocating STEAM integration

Benefits of attending the workshop:

  • Learn how to integrate STEAM concepts and standards into your curriculum for college and career readiness
  • Become a Content Teacher Leader and advocate for promoting STEAM integration into your school’s courses and curriculums
  • Leave the workshop with a deeper understanding of how the core scientific courses of biology, chemistry, and physics need to be integrated with STEAM concepts
Frequently asked questions about the 90-Minute TFS STEAM INTEGRATION Workshop
What is the agenda for the workshop?

Our Teaching for ACT Success workshops and courses are designed for high school teachers and special education.

What do I get in the Online Teaching for ACT Reading Success Course

This broader course is designed for high school English and social science teachers to familiarize them with the ACT reading test and discuss how passages can be incorporated into their classrooms.  It evaluates the reading process and describes the characteristics of proficient readers.  Teachers receive ACT-specific and curriculum-based resources for teaching reading.   Both teachers and students receive downloadable materials.

Instructional reading videos for teachers

  1.  Introduction to the TFS Reading Course:  a discussion of “what is reading”? 
  2. What are the characteristics of skilled readers?  What is your instructional goal?
  3. Learning to use context cues
  4. Learning to paraphrase reading materials
  5. Identifying the reading traps hidden in ACT passages
  6. Taking and scoring a practice ACT reading passage through the eyes of your students
  7. Classroom strategies to improve reading comprehension

Supplemental reading materials for teachers

  • “Teaching Reading for ACT and School Success: the Search for Meaning” PowerPoint

for class use

  • Reading Guide: Teaching for ACT Success
  • ACT Reading Jump Start PowerPoint for teacher instruction:  one hour ACT reading class
  • Essential social studies vocabulary for high school students
  • Most challenged (banned) books from 2016 – 2020

Supplemental reading materials for students

  • ACT Reading Jump Start for students: to print
  • ACT Passage Reading Notes: 4 different versions
  • ACT passage paragraph notes for writing summaries (paraphrasing) ACT reading texts
  • Using context cues worksheet

3 ACT Reading tests:  2 versions for each test—downloadable and marked PowerPoint for class

What do I get in the Online Teaching for ACT English and Writing Success Course

This course is designed for high school English teachers.  It familiarizes teachers with the ACT English and Writing tests and provides classroom resources for ACT-specific and curriculum-based English and writing activities.   In addition, both teachers and students receive downloadable materials.

Instructional English video for teachers 

  • Teaching for ACT English Success 

Supplemental English materials for teachers

  • Teaching for ACT English Success PowerPoint
  • English Guide – Teaching for the ACT
  • ACT English Jump Start class PowerPoint for teaching
  • 4 Marked ACT test power points for class instruction

Supplemental English materials for students

  • ACT English Jump Start PowerPoint to print
  • 8 supplemental worksheets of ACT questions for the major areas of punctuation and grammar.
  •  4 ACT English tests to print

Instructional video for teachers for Writing

  • Teaching Writing for ACT Success

Supplemental writing materials for teachers

  • Writing Guide – Teaching for ACT Success

Supplemental writing materials for students

  • Students Practice Scoring ACT passages and compare them to ACT scores
  • Prewriting worksheet to use with writing prompts
  • 3 additional ACT prompts for practice
What do I get in the Online Teaching for ACT Math Success Course

Video Series

TFS Math Course videos cover

  • detailed content of the ACT Math Test
  • how to align the content of your math classes with the ACT and Missouri Standards
  • key points to implement your math classes
  • looking at the ACT math test through the eyes of a student with varying levels of ACT math scores
  • eight specific strategies for teaching math for success with the ACT Math Test
  • reading and the ACT Math Test
  • identify ways to apply the strategies and resources to your math classes
  • TFS Math for Success with the ACT.pdf (written study guide)

Additional Resources

  • TFS Math Course resources
  • Missouri math standards for algebra 1 and 2, geometry, pre-calculus, and other math classes
  • Missouri math standards content guide
  • over 40+ math topical reviews with questions you can distribute to your classroom

All ACT prep materials were written by Dr. Gary Moss

What do I get in the Online Teaching Science for Success with the ACT Course?

Video Series

TFS Science Course videos cover

  • Introduction to the ACT Science Test
  • detail content of the ACT Science Test
  • 3 general principles for teaching science for success with the ACT
  • 5 research principles that form the core of any ACT Science Test
  • more practice with the 5 research principles
  • find the 5 research principles on the ACT Science Test
  • evaluating your science class with regards to the teaching of the 5 core principles
  • The new Missouri standards for the science and the ACT
  • how to integrate your TFS Science Course resources into your science classes
  • TFS Science for Success with the ACT.pdf (written study guide)

Additional Resources

  • TFS Science Course resources
  • science passage sorted by the science classes
  • Missouri science standards document
  • how to implement ACT science tests into the class

All ACT prep math and science materials were written by Dr. Gary Moss.

What is Teaching for ACT Success?

Teaching for ACT Success workshops and courses are 5-hour live workshops or online courses designed to help high school teachers incorporate ACT prep materials into their daily lessons.

Will the workshop be in-person or virtual?

We offer both onsite and virtual options for our 5-hour Teaching for ACT Success workshops. Our virtual option is conducted via Zoom.

We also have self-paced courses for teachers to take in downtime or in their planning period.

What topics are covered in the program?

The program covers the purpose, format, structure, and content of the ACT, and provides materials and strategies that teachers can incorporate into their own classrooms.

Who developed the program?

The program was developed by Drs. Chippendale and Moss. 

Dr. Ene-Kaja Chippendale is the founder and president of Focus on Learning. She helps students enhance their reading, writing, and learning skills and coaches them for the ACT, PSAT, and SAT. Dr. Chippendale prepares teachers to coach the ACT and incorporate reading, English, and writing strategies into their classroom curricula.

Dr. Gary Moss has over 30 years of experience teaching, researching, and coaching for the ACT/SAT. He presents teacher workshops for ACT preparation, including Teachers as ACT (TAC) and Teachers for ACT Success (TFS). Dr. Moss’s research examines the effectiveness of ACT coaching.

How much does it cost to attend a live workshop?

Attending a live workshop costs $375 per teacher.

What online courses are available?
  • Online Teaching for ACT English and Writing Success Course
  • Online Teaching for ACT Reading Success Course
  • Online Teaching for ACT Math Success Course
  • Online Teaching for ACT Science Success Course

Each course costs $325. A school can purchase all four online courses for $1,200.

How long does it take to be entered into an online TFS course?

After placing an order, teachers will gain access to their online course within one business day (24 hours).

Can the program be customized to meet specific school or district needs?

Yes, the program can be customized to meet specific school or district needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Live workshop cost:

  • $375/teacher
  • Mileage at $.585/mile for teachers
  • If the driving time exceeds 2 hours or class begins before 9:30 a.m., hotel accommodations for the teachers.

Our 5-hour TFS workshops and online courses are designed to equip you with the tools to help your students succeed on the ACT. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give your students the best possible chance at ACT success. Enroll in Teaching for Success with the ACT” today

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