Science Tutoring

What is science tutoring?

Private science tutoring helps students achieve success in an increasing number of 21st-century professions that are built on STEM skills—science, engineering, technology, and math. STEM skill mastery begins with success in elementary, middle, and high school science classes.

Students struggle in science classes for many reasons: lack of background experiences, vocabulary, and difficulty understanding abstract concepts. Our highly trained science teachers have extensive academic, professional, and tutoring experience in STEM-based areas.

What are the benefits of science tutoring?

Private science tutoring helps students

  • Hone critical thinking skills
  • Develop an understanding of scientific inquiry
  • Instill excitement for STEM-based areas

    • Life science
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Anatomy
    • Physics
  • Enhance competence in a subject-specific field
  • Improve understanding of a representation of data
  • Learn to summarize research
  • Evaluate conflicting viewpoints
  • Understand the scientific process
    • Learn to generate hypotheses
    • Understand the materials needed to perform a study adequately
    • Analyze raw data confidently
    • Determine if their hypotheses are confirmed or denied by study

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