SAT Writing and Language Tutoring

Why is the SAT Writing and Language Test challenging?

The Writing and Language Test on the SAT is 35 minutes long and you are asked to answer 44 questions. The passages have been written specifically for this test.  This test is intended to evaluate how well you are able to able to evaluate and edit a text using the conventions of Standard English (grammar and punctuation). The questions following each passage asks you to assess how to best express ideas and how to correct any mistakes that have been made  in sentence structure, word use, and punctuation. You will be given a wide range of passages to read and evaluate. Some passages and even some questions will include informational graphics, such as tables, graphs, and charts. To answer questions relating to them, you have to understand the text and interpret the graphics.  When you edit the passages, you have to take context into consideration. The subject of the passages includes career related topics, the humanities, social sciences, and science.

How will private SAT writing tutoring help?

In the private writing sessions, you will learn how to apply editing strategies to passages in order to both improve the content of the writing and to assure that you are using Standard English. During the tutoring sessions you will

  • Learn to identify the content (expression of ideas) of each passage and how the  questions relate to it
  • Review the rules of Standard English punctuation and grammar
  • Apply rules of punctuation
  • Apply grammar rules
  • Learn when to add, revise, or keep the sentences that you read
  • Learn to combine sentences 
  • Learn why kinds of graphs appear on this test and how to interpret the data.
  • Learn when to let go of a question and guess.
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