SAT Classes for the Spring 2022

Unique test prep class for a unique test!

Our 20-hour SAT class prepares students for a test whose format and questions are unlike those they encounter in the classroom.  Our SAT teacher/coaches show students how to adapt to the challenges on the Reading, Writing, and Math tests.   Subject review and test-taking strategies are combined, and success follows.  We have proven results. 

We guarantee that students who complete the course will earn a score increase of 150 points or more. 

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Students leave the SAT class knowing how to take the test effectively

Students learn how to

Understand the SAT

Identify the content and structure of the SAT

Avoid SAT traps

Avoid the traps that lurk in each section

SAT pacing strategies

Pace for success: not too fast and not too slow!

Our SAT prep course stands apart for others

 1) It’s designed by experienced educators who themselves coach the test and thus understand what students at all score levels need to reach their individual goals. 

Education and standardized testing experts Dr. Ene-Kaja Chippendale and Dr. Gary Moss designed our 20-hour SAT class, tailoring it to the needs of diverse learners. These passionate teachers bring decades of classroom and one-on-one coaching experience to their understanding of the challenges students face on the SAT.   They recognize that students come to the test with a wide range of backgrounds and that a one-size-fits-all approach is ineffective. Instead, their test prep curriculum is modified according the the goals scores of their students.

Dr. Moss and  Dr. Chippendale bring decades of research and classroom experience to the Math, Reading, Writing and Language sections. They understand what challenges students  face with the SAT because they have listened to and dealt with  students’ questions and concerns.  They know what content and test tips and strategies  help students most.

2) It’s based on knowledge of ongoing changes to the test.

The SAT has played a critical role in student lives for nearly a century. But the format and content of the exam has changed radically in recent years.  The test has been modified  and no longer includes a guessing penalty.  Categories of questions, including Analogies and Sentence Completion, are gone.  The two math tests include one that allows a calculator, and students who know how to program it to its max gain a real advantage. 

Drs. Moss and Chippendale are up-to-date on these changes and use the latest  released SAT tests to instruct students.  

3) It’s guaranteed

Our experience and expertise give us the confidence to guarantee the course. Students who complete the course can expect a score gain of 150 points or more — a score  increase of that size can bring acceptance to more colleges and higher  scholarships. Students who do not make this gain are eligible for a a free retake..

SAT prep class dates and fees

The 20-hour SAT class meets twice weekly for two hours online via Zoom.  One class a week is devoted to mathematics. The other covers essentials of the SAT l reading and writing and language sections. 

Students should expect one to two hours of homework per week: taking practice SAT passages.  

Note that each class will be taped for review or students who missed it.

Guarantee:  150 point gain or free class retake

Includes all materials:  5 SAT tests, supplemental SAT  worksheets,  SAT Study Buddy watch.

SAT Class dates for the May 7th, 2022 SAT test

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SAT Class Instructors

Dr. Ene-Kaja Chippendale

Dr. Ene-Kaja Chippendale

Dr. Gary Moss

Dr. Gary Moss

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