Reading Tutoring

What is reading tutoring?

Private reading tutoring helps students master the most critical skill they need for school and life. Struggling readers face humiliation and failure in school. Timely reading intervention makes the difference between success and failure, and one-on-one teaching provides strategic, personalized intervention for each student.

Our reading tutoring program is designed to address the strengths and weaknesses of each learner. The instruction is tailored to the student’s ability, interest, and learning style. Using both literature and expository texts as a foundation for skill acquisition and language experience stories as a tool, the student learns to read while reading to learn.

The process begins with a free consultation where the specific academic needs of the student are explored. A reading intervention or reading enrichment plan is then set up. Struggling readers typically benefit from weekly sessions over the course of an academic year. Similarly, gifted students who are seeking a challenge also commit to long-term instruction on a weekly basis.

The program serves students who have diverse learning profiles that include Twice-Exceptional, Gifted, Mild to Moderate learning differences, ADHD, and Right-Brained/Holistic learners.

    What are the benefits of reading tutoring?

    Students work one-on-one with an experienced reading teacher and practice the strategies that characterize a proficient reader as they learn to

    • Integrate phonetic, grammatical, and meaning cues
    • Predict outcomes in the text
    • Use context cues
    • Make connections with the text
    • Retell or paraphrase what they read
    • Increase their reading rate
    • Develop critical reasoning skills such as evaluating, synthesizing, generalizing
    • Ask questions and reflect on the text
    • Utilize reading strategies that

    – Set purposes for reading
    – Self-monitor text for meaning
    – Self-correct reading errors
    – Visualize during the reading process


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