Online Teaching English and Writing for Success with the ACT Course

One educator will be let into our Online TAC/TFS English Bundle Course.

Online Teaching for ACT English and Writing Success Course

This course is designed for high school English teachers.  It familiarizes teachers with the ACT English and Writing tests and provides classroom resources that are both ACT specific and curriculum based English and writing activities.   Both teachers and students receive downloadable materials.

 Instructional English video for teachers 

  • Teaching for ACT English Success 

Supplemental English materials for teachers

  • Teaching for ACT English Success powerpoint
  • English Guide – Teaching for the ACT
  • ACT English Jump Start class power point for teaching
  • 4 Marked ACT test power points for class instruction

Supplemental English materials for students

  • ACT English Jump Start power point to print
  • 8 supplemental work sheets of ACT questions for the major areas of punctuation and grammar.
  •  4 ACT English tests to print

Instructional video for teachers for Writing

  • Teaching Writing for ACT Success

Supplemental writing materials for teachers

  • Writing Guide – Teaching for ACT Success

Supplemental writing materials for students

  • Students Practice Scoring ACT passages and compare to ACT scores
  • Prewriting worksheet to use with writing prompts
  • 3 additional ACT prompts for practice

    All ACT prep materials were written by Dr. Ene Chippendale