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Is your student struggling to get the score he/she needs on the ACT?  Confused?  Frustrated?  Angry?  Our four-hour Online ACT Jump Start Course will help build confidence and teach the skills that will raise scores.

Online ACT Jump Start Course1

This four-hour introductory online ACT course includes the four subject areas (English, Math, Reading, and science)  and covers the format, content, and the major traps students must avoid. The course is short and to the point and does not overwhelm students who work on their own. 

 Our ACT program is built on over 30 years of coaching for ACT success, and we have filtered out the key points for this course.  Students can download additional practice tests, which we provide at no cost. 

Our goal is to ensure that students avoid unwelcome surprises on the ACT  as they become more familiar with the content and strategies for each test.  This enhances students’ confidence because they learn what they need to know to reach their goal score. 

Our promise is that students will learn

ACT pacing strategies

The pacing strategies that are critical for success. Timing is a major problem for most students because they have little or no experience taking timed tests.

To avoid the traps that derail scores.

The test-taking strategies that lead to the correct answer.

Even high achieving students have difficulty with the  ACT.

The ACT test is not like any other test they will ever take, both in its format and timing. Students miss questions because they

  • Don’t know how to pace themselves because they are not used to taking timed tests.
  • Have forgotten essential content they need  for English, math, and science.
  • Don’t know the test-taking strategies that are specific for the ACT.
  • Don’t know how to interpret questions that are often written to mislead and confuse

THERE IS A SOLUTION! Our tested and proven ACT prep helps students at all score levels raise their scores and boost their confidence at the same time.

In our ACT Prep Jump Start Course, students will be taught the step-by-step process about how to

  • Set a goal score and determine how many questions must be answered to reach it.  
  • Prioritize questions
  • Eliminate tricky incorrect answer choices 
  • Decide when it’s best to just guess
  • Maximize their efficiency and timing

Our goal is to make sure students are familiar with the content of each test and know how to read/interpret questions correctly.  The ACT test is difficult, and students who take it for the first time without having had any prep can be overwhelmed and discouraged.  Some just say “I felt stupid.”  Our four-hour class will prevent unexpected, nasty surprises. Most students struggle with both the way each subtest is structured and how to pace themselves so they don’t run out of time.

What sets our online-live ACT Jump Start class apart from others?

  • It is short and to the point but covers all the bases.
  • The course has been developed and is taught  by two professional subject specialists, Dr. Ene-Kaja Chippendale and Dr. Gary Moss.  They have offered the most up-to-date and comprehensive ACT test prep for over 30 years and know what content and strategies are the most relevant for a fast class.

What does the Online ACT Jump Start Course cover?

ACT English Tutoring

The ACT English section will teach students the

  • Format (which itself is very confusing to students)
  • Patterns of punctuation (most difficult for students at all score levels)
  • Common rules of grammar
  • Most common patterns for rhetorical (word use) questions 
  • Most common traps
  • How to apply information to practice passage



ACT Math Tutoring

The ACT math section of our class will teach students to

  • Program and use their calculator efficiently
  • Pace themselves to avoid careless errors
  • Focus on the first 30 questions by applying algebra, intermediate algebra, and plane geometry
  • Use multiple choice strategies such as estimation and checking the choices
  • Practice questions



ACT Reading Tutoring

The ACT reading section of our class will teach students how to

  • Determine the number of passages they need to reach their goal score
  • Use efficient strategies for reading passages that maximize their time
  • Interpret questions and eliminate the bogus answer choices.



ACT Science Tutoring

The ACT science section of our class will teach students how to

  • Determine which questions to work and when to guess
  • Take the test efficiently 
  • “Roadmap” a scientific passage
  • Successfully answer the “Where’s Waldo” question



By the end of our ACT Prep Jump Start, students will have

  • A step-by-step guide approach for each test, including when to guess.
  • Learned key strategies for interpreting questions and eliminating incorrect answers.
  • More confidence because the content is familiar.
  • Learned to not second guess themselves.



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