Online ACT English/Reading Jump Start Course for Students

Introduction to the ACT English/Reading Jump Start

Course for Students

Welcome to the Jump Start course! This course gives you a quick but comprehensive overview of the ACT English and Reading tests.  You will cover the major strategies you need for success and learn the tricks and traps you need to avoid.

The course includes two lessons:  English and Reading.  Each lesson has a video, a power point, and the ACT Test 2021-22 to download and print.  For English test, print 2 slides/page, front and back.  Do this before you start watching the video.  You can download them from the lesson page.

#1. Is the Jump Start power point labeled “For students.”  It is the same power point you see in the video.  Work with the instructor and answer questions in your copy as you move through the course.  You can stop the video and go back any time you feel you need another go.

#2.  Is the power point of the actual ACT test (76CPRE).  You will only complete a few passages on the test during the class, but I recommend you take the time to practice using the other passages as well.

Remember that practice makes perfect!  The more passages you take, the more confident and successful you will be.     Good luck!