What is the advantage of taking the December 11th ACT Test?

The December ACT test is often not a favorite.  I understand.  It’s been a long semester, and final exams and the Christmas holidays are looming.  You are looking forward to the break.  Some of you may have already taken the ACT once or more times and really want it to be done.  

Stop!  Think again.  The December test offers benefits that could really help you.

Seniors:  Most of you still have time to squeeze in this test before your applications are processed. You know you are the beneficiary of the new  Super Scoring.  Every point matters for admission and scholarships.  Remember that in many cases a one point gain can equal an extra $1000 in scholarships.   The ACT tests are not equal, and only your highest scores will be included in your Super Score.  What do you have to lose?  One Saturday morning. 

Juniors:  If you haven’t already taken the ACT for practice, this is the ideal test to start with.  It is one of only three ACT tests that will be released to you with YOUR scores.  There is no better diagnostic on the planet.  You can use your December scores to assess what you have done well and identify where you need to improve.  If you start in December, you have 4 more ACT tests to choose from this academic year.  Ideally, you want to reach your goal score by the end of your junior year so you can focus on college visits and applications your senior year.  The more tests you take for practice, the better your score will be.  The old adage “practice makes perfect” truly applies to the ACT.  

The ACT is unlike any other you will take in high school, and you need to know and practice the strategies that lead to success.  Pacing or timing is the single most important one so you don’t waste time or rush.  The English and math tests are based on specific classroom curricula:  you need to know rules of punctuation, grammar, basic math, algebra, geometry and trig.  The challenging reading and science tests require you to work efficiently and not waste time reading too much of the content.  Of course, you have to understand how to interpret questions correctly and how graphs and charts convey data.

The good news is that you still have until  November 19th to sign up for the December 11th ACT.  If you are taking the December test, make sure you take some time to prepare for it.  ACT prep really makes the difference and your scores will prove it.  We are here to help.


Ene-Kaja Chippendale, Ph.D.

Focus on Learning Center

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