Why is Extracurricular Activities and Volunteering Important for Your Child?

By January 25, 2018Student Success

Extracurricular Activities and

Volunteering Enrich Students’ Lives 

Written by Brandon Painter, M.Ed., C.U.G.

Participation in extracurricular activities in high school, along with grades and ACT scores, can be an essential factor for college admission. Even if your student doesn’t plan to take the college route, he or she can benefit tremendously from participating in an extracurricular activity or spending time volunteering.


We are sharing this article because we believe that students who are involved in extracurricular and volunteer activities benefit in three ways:  improving life skills, responsibility, and leadership. This can increase a student’s social skill skills, build relationships, and make them more comfortable to adapt in a variety of situations. Thus, improving their morals, character, and professionalism.


To learn more about getting your students involved in extracurricular activities, please click here to find an article by Be There. This article is quite interesting. The article gives tips for parents of why it is essential to be involved in your children’s’ lives. It also speaks about the benefits of encouraging them to get into extracurricular activities and volunteering. Lastly, it showcases tips from the United Way to get started volunteering with your family.

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