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ACT Scores Will Help Finance College

The ACT test is the single most important exam a high school student takes.  ACT scores are used for college admission, scholarship aid, and decisions about enrollment in remedial English or math classes.  Remedial college classes cost as much as regular classes but do not award credit.

Students receive 5-7 ACT scores.  All students receive ACT scores in English, Math, Reading and Science and a Composite Score that is the average of the four.   Some students also take the Writing Test and receive two additional scores:  Writing and a Composite English/Writing.   The ACT scores range from 1-36, and a score of 21 is the approximate average.   At this time, 31 is Bright Flight and reflects the top 4% of students.

ACT score based scholarships kick in on all levels.  For example, Missouri Western University offers a $2000/year scholarship to students with 21s.  The largest scholarships are awarded once students score 25 or higher.

High ACT scores translate into serious money.  The University of Missouri offers some generous scholarships that include

Excellence Award          $1000/yr        27+           Top 25% class

Curators’ Award            $4500/yr         28+          Top 5%   class

Chancellor’s Award      $6500/yr         31+           Top 10% class

Missouri Scholars        $10,000/yr       33+          Excellent record

These are the most prestigious awards.  There are many more, and each college and university in Missouri and around the country has its own list. Check out the possibilities here!

ACT preparation makes a difference and it can be a very valuable investment.

Check our website for more information about scholarships in Missouri and across the US.

The ACT provides colleges with “equalizer” information in that the scores for every student are based on the same criteria.  In an age of grade inflation, many colleges believe that the ACT score can differentiate among students and help identify those who have the greatest chance of success.


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