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June 2017

Invisible Scars from Bullying

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Bullying hurts, and many children feel anxious as they begin to form friendships, go to classes, or join school activities.  Am I pretty enough?  Am I thin enough?  Am I as smart as the other kids in my group?  Will they laugh at me if I can’t hit the ball?  Will they let me sit with them at lunch?  The list goes on and on.  Who is accepted?  Who is left out in the cold?  Who has to bear the sting of insults and alienation?

Kids who start to bully others as a way to feel important are themselves very insecure and they learn to hide their own fears by putting others down.  Others then join in order to feel that they “belong,” and the person being picked on is subjected to both verbal taunts and physical aggression,

This video offers a wonderful opportunity to start a conversation with students of all ages.  It is important to talk with children and give them a chance to express their feelings.  In the process, they will learn to be kinder and more accepting of others.  Children thrive in an open, nurturing environment where they can help each other navigate through the stresses of childhood.  Care and compassion go a long towards developing happy and self-confident children.