Teachers as SAT Coaches (TSC)


(5 hours)



The ACT is a “teachable test,” meaning that students who prepare for it have an advantage over those who do not. Test prep programs offered by large companies such as Sylvan and Princeton Review are not available in many areas. Since they are very expensive, often costing over a thousand dollars, they are also out of reach for many students. Now that the ACT is mandated for all juniors in Missouri, offering students effective, affordable preparation is more important than ever.

Drs. Moss and Chippendale developed the Teachers as ACT Coaches over twenty years ago to allow ACT instruction to be readily–and inexpensively– incorporated into schools. As coaches themselves, they were able to develop a unique ACT program that is best suited to students’ needs. Drs. Chippendale and Moss also wrote accompanying workbooks for teachers and students.


  • All high school students deserve and benefit from ACT prep.
  • English, math, and science teachers can be trained to be the most effective ACT coaches because they can teach the strategies that are specific for each test while also answering subject based questions. They can explain the “whys” of the test content in a way generalist instructors cannot.
  • ACT prep should not be a one-size- fits all program but geared to the goals scores of each student. Thus, the ACT preparation offered to students aiming for an 18 is very different from that given students shooting for a 28.

The comprehensive strategies, curriculum, and materials teachers receive in the TAC allow them to return to their schools and start coaching their students. Teachers receive comprehensive packets of materials that include workbooks, ACT tests, handouts, power points, and lesson plans geared to multiple levels of student performance.

Drs. Moss and Chippendale continue to work with students on ACT prep, and their strategies are thus student-tested and successful. They stay current with all the changes that are made on the ACT and share them with teachers in the TAC workshops.


January 10th, 2019 (Macon County R-1 in Macon, MO)

Time: 9:30 – 3:30 p.m.

Cost: $295.00

Materials teachers will receive attending the Teachers as ACT Coaches workshop

Participating teachers receive all the materials they need to run ACT prep classes  Teachers receive lesson plans, power points, ACT tests, and additional worksheets. They are provided access to a website where they can download what they need. New material is added to this website on a regular basis.

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