Teaching for Success on the ACT (TFS)

 (TFS) 5 hours
Teachers Learn to Incorporate the ACT into Daily Lessons

Classroom instruction forms the knowledge base on which the ACT is developed. Students who have strong reading, English, math, and science skills can readily be taught the test-taking strategies that are specific to the test. Students who lack a sold academic foundation struggle with the ACT test and many need skills remediation before they are ready to tackle it.

It makes sense to incorporate the ACT into the daily curriculum because the ACT is a subject based test. The intent is not to turn classrooms into ACT prep factories but to incorporate aspects of the ACT tests that are reflected in the curriculum into daily lesson plans. For example, why ask teachers to write ACT “type” questions when they can easily use questions that have already been developed by the ACT?

Drs. Chippendale and Moss developed the TFS to familiarize teachers with the topics that are found on both the Missouri Learning Standards and college readiness standards. Teachers learn the purpose, format, structure and content of the ACT, and they receive materials and strategies that they can incorporate into their own classrooms.


Feburary 2nd, 2019     (Columbia, Missouri)

Cost: $295.00

We received concrete and great resources and methods to implement them. I am leaving with both resources and how to use them. Wonderful. 

I am used to PDs being repeated information. This was a breath of fresh air. I feel like I can view a test from the eyes of student again. 

I absolutely enjoyed the workshop. I learned ways to incorporate ACT prep into my daily lessons without any additional stress. 

I didn’t expect this PD to be so useful. I loved all the tips and tricks! 

Workshop was very helpful. The activities are great and I will definitely try to incorporate them into my class. 

The strategies presented are definitely going to help students increase scores on the ACT.