Math Tutoring

Math matters. Math tutoring overcomes math phobia and leads to success in school and life. In the age of smartphones, multimedia communication, and fast-paced global trade, a solid grasp of mathematics is more than a helpful tool. It has become a survival skill. Most colleges require college algebra as a graduation requirement.

In the 21st century, students need excellent math skills—not just in school but in the ever-changing global workplace. Students without a strong math background are ill-prepared for a world economy built on knowledge of engineering, computer science, biology, and physics.

Students who have mastered math score higher on college admissions tests and have greater success in college across a wide range of majors. They also have many more career opportunities.


  • Understand math concepts
  • Apply new skills in multiple contexts
  • Comprehend when and why to apply their skills

Our highly experienced mathematics specialists assess each student to identify problem areas. We look for gaps in his/her math learning and develop a curriculum that targets those gaps and moves the student ahead.

We teach critical problem-solving and analytic thinking skills and offer individualized instruction to every student.


  • Lost interest in math?
  • Complained about feeling “stupid” in math?
  • Begun struggling in middle school pre-algebra or algebra?
  • Fallen behind or started failing classes?
  • Expressed fear that s/he can’t graduate from college because s/he can’t pass College Algebra?

Many students fall behind as they transition from elementary to middle school math. That’s when math changes from a process of learning by memorization—arithmetic—to a process of learning concepts in pre-algebra and algebra.

If so, now is the time to intervene. An investment in math intervention now may save your student time and money later—and it can save your student years of frustration.


Today, most colleges require College Algebra and Statistics. Too many college students lack the fundamentals they need to pass these classes. That means they have to take remedial courses—classes that cost as much as regular classes but don’t earn credit. These remedial classes represent a significant yet needless investment of time and money.


  • Arithmetic
  • Pre-algebra
  • Algebra 1, 2
  • Geometry
  • Pre-calculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus
  • Statistics

We offer effective math tutoring in several forms, depending on the needs of each student 

Enrichment Tutoring – For students who are already doing well in math but could be challenged even more. This instruction shows students the “big picture” of mathematics and how concepts are integrated.

Short-term Remediation – For good math students who have difficulty with specific topics. The tutor diagnoses the difficulty by watching the student work problems from that topic then encouraging him/her to ask questions. The teacher then chooses the most effective way to proceed: identify missing details or re-teach.

Long-term Remediation – For students who need more detail and support than is available in class. The math specialist uses a comprehensive math test, classroom materials, and student questions to diagnose the difficulty and remediation accordingly. The tutor also shows the student how to organize his or her materials. Our math specialists never do homework for the student. They may work similar problems to model the process involved in finding solutions.

Parent praise for Tom Scharenborg

I don’t know what he did. Grace came to Focus hating math and now she wants to major in math!