Private ACT tutoring

Individualized instruction to maximize score gains.

One-on-one ACT Tutoring

The most individualized ACT tutoring instruction geared to the specific strengths and needs of each student. Every student

  • Meets with two subject specialist coaches, one for English and Reading and the other for Math and Science.
  • Receives customized test-taking strategies and subject review.
  • Is assigned homework that includes subject review and taking practice tests. If students do not complete their homework, parents are notified because the homework is an essential component of instruction.
  • Varies the number of tutoring sessions that are scheduled for the two major areas (English/Reading and Math/Science) based on his or her prior ACT score and the student’s goal score. We have found that most students require a minimum of 4 sessions per subject area.

We also offer one-on-one instruction via Skype or iPad using Bailboard and “Explain Everything” app. We recommend 1.5 hr sessions to maximize efficiency. Call for additional information and to set up an appointment.

Benefits of one-on-one tutoring

  • Flexible scheduling including weekends
  • Instructors can readily gauge progress
  • No embarrassment asking questions
  • Ideal for top scorers pushing for 31 and higher
  • Excellent for students whose skills don’t translate to standardized test
  • Best option for low scorers (16-21) who may get lost in class