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ACT Preparation for Teachers and Students

The Nation’s Only Statistically Validated Program for Raising ACT Scores

Focus on Learning offers nationally recognized ACT preparation for teacher workshops, student classes, and one-on- one test prep sessions. The ACT test is currently the most popular and college-entry test in the country—and Focus on Learning offers the only statistically validated ACT program in the nation for raising scores. The exciting results were published in the prestigious Journal of College Admissions in Fall 2012. The Focus on Learning ACT preparation programs have evolved from over 30 years of work studying the ACT test, working one-on- one with students, teaching ACT courses, guiding teacher workshops, and providing schools with the ACT instruction and materials they need to ensure students meet college-ready standards. Our goal for over 30 years has been to offer and expand affordable and relevant ACT instruction in Columbia and across Missouri and neighboring states.

Teacher ACT Workshops

The ACT is fundamentally a subject-based test, and students must have a strong academic background to score well.  Once they have the necessary background in math, science, English, and reading, they can easily learn the test-taking strategies that are specific to each ACT subtest.

Schools are now actively looking for ways to incorporate ACT instruction into their daily schedules, and well-trained teachers who know the ACT content and structure can incorporate ACT content and questions into daily lessons. Trained teachers make the difference.

Our statistically validated ACT program offers two teacher workshops:  one for classroom teachers who are looking for ways to incorporate ACT instruction into their classes (Teaching for Success on the ACT or TFS) and for teachers who want to coach the test either informally or by organizing ACT prep classes (Teachers as ACT Coaches or TAC).

Student ACT Prep

The ACT is a “teachable test.” It is very predictable. It has clearly identified traps on each section that are designed to lead the test taker astray. It needs a broad distribution of scores to meet its goal of being a predictive instrument for college success. It is a challenging and difficult test for many students.

Students who prepare for the ACT improve their scores. Students are tripped up by the wording of the test questions, a lack of background in a particular subject are, and, most of all, by confusion about the timing. Students consistently complain about “running out of time.”

We ask students to establish a goal score and show them how to achieve it. We 1) review subject background in key areas, including English and Math; 2) teach specific test-taking strategies for each of the four test – English, Math, Reading, and Science; and 3) show students how to pace themselves when taking the test. Our students have improved their scores from 1-10 points. Typically gains run between 2-4 points.

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring, where a teacher and student are able to work together uninterrupted, offers the premier environment for each learner.  Every tutoring session is customized for the student.  The tutor and student thus form a bond of trust that encourages questions and maximizes learning.

Tutors at FOLC are all experienced, caring teachers who instruct in their area of expertise.  They thus know how to put themselves in the place of the student who may find a particular subject difficult and, by modifying instruction, lead that student to understanding.  We encourage students with different learning styles to trust themselves and learn how their different way of looking at learning can become a strength.

Tailored Learning Leads to Success

FOL has a great staff with positive, helpful and well-educated instructors to help facilitate the studying process. They provide great service. 

(Parent of a 10th grader)

I have seen more improvement in L.’s reading from just our four sessions than her being in the Title One reading program since kindergarten. 

(Parent of a 3rd grader)

I have to tell you how wonderful your math teachers are! M. is normally and ‘A’ student and was getting frustrated with the ‘C’ she was getting in her math class. She has met with Tom 3-4 times … and received an A on her last test! Most importantly, there are no more tears at night. K. also met with Justin and in 1 hour was able to understand her homework. I’ve said it before, you guys rock. 

(Parent of an 8th and 11th grader).

We were so pleased with our son’s results from his ACT scores, that we have recommended you to more than 20 other families. D.D. 

(Parent of a 11th grader)

Thank God for your course! Not only did D raise his score to a 31, he had a perfect 36 on the science portion. The look on his face when he opened the envelope and saw his test scores was priceless. I most heartily recommend your course to anyone stuck in the same rut as my son. Money well spent. Paid for itself many times over. 

(Parent of an 11th grader)

I have heard back from all the schools, and I have been accepted into University of Michigan, Georgetown, Caltech, MIT, Berkeley, Brown, and I was wait-listed at Stanford. 

(12th grader)

Thank you so much for your help to our daughter! She did get a 30 on her ACT — she was thrilled and so relieved! She really needed that for financial help. 

(Parent of a 12th grader).

We wanted to thank you again for your professional approach and sincere dedication you show to the children of this community. We are once again feeling privileged to utilize your services. My two sons have used your institution of learning with a healthy dose of empowerment that has carried them to their goals. We have also noticed that your summer programs are exemplary and our daughter is looking into working one of these into her schedule. This community is very fortunate to have you orchestrating such a unique and valuable life changing service available for helping children meet their potential. 

(Parent of an 8th and 11th grader)