SAT Tutoring

 Private SAT tutoring brings fast results because every session is geared specifically to what YOU need.  The verbal tests are more subtle and demanding than those on the ACT. You need to know the rules of punctuation and grammar to do well on the Writing and Language Test. The reading passages are diverse, selected from a variety of genres. The math SAT tests also require out-of-the-box reasoning, though the content of the test is based on the traditional Algebra I and II, and Geometry curriculum. You will be allowed to use your calculator on only one of the two math subtests.  

The SAT is not an easy test, and effective prep makes a difference. High SAT scores hold the keys to college admission and scholarship awards, and our private SAT  tutoring will help you maximize your scores.

We provide help with the SAT reading, writing/language, and math tests.

SAT Reading Test
Why is the SAT Reading test challenging??

The  SAT reading test is 65 minutes long and has 52 Questions.  The reading passages cover a wide range of subjects and styles that range in complexity.  The questions are not easy.  A few ask for specific information from the passage, but most require you to make inferences to find the answer. Some require you to find the lines of text to support your answers.  

How does private SAT reading tutoring help?

Private SAT reading tutoring will show you how to take the reading test with confidence and skill and not run out of time.

You will learn how to

  • Set a goal score and know how many questions you have to answer correctly to reach it.
  • Learn how to prioritize passages, so you are working to your strengths.
  • Learn to identify the structure of passages.
  • Identify and avoid specific traps built into every test.
  • Interpret questions correctly
  • Learn pacing strategies for getting through the text and when to “let go” of a question and guess
SAT Writing and Language Test
Why is the SAT Writing and Language Test challenging?

The Writing and Language Test on the SAT is 35 minutes long with  44 questions. This test evaluates how well you apply Standard English rules to edit the passages for punctuation, grammar, and rhetoric (word/sentence use). 

How does private SAT Writing and Language tutoring help?

In the private SAT writing sessions, you will learn how to apply editing strategies to both improve the content of the writing and to use the rules of Standard English grammar.

You will

  • Learn to identify the content (expression of ideas) of each passage and how the  questions relate to it
  • Review the rules of Standard English punctuation and grammar
  • Apply rules of punctuation
  • Apply grammar rules
  • Learn when to add, revise, or keep the sentences that you read
  • Learn to combine sentences 
  • Learn what types of graphs appear on this test and how to interpret them
  • Learn when to let go of a question and guess.
How will private SAT math tutoring help?

The SAT Math test  is 80 minutes long and is divided into a 55 minute Calculator portion that has 38 questions and a 25 minute No-Calculator portion with 20 questions.  The test includes 45 multiple choice and 13 Student Produced Response questions.  

The content of the math tests includes 

  • Heart of Algebra:  19 questions that include fluency solving linear equations and systems of linear equations; creating linear equations and systems of linear equations
  • Problem Solving and Data Analysis: 17 questions  that include creating and analyzing relationships using ratios, proportional relationships, percentages, units

  • Passport to Advanced Math: 16 questions that include identifying and creating equivalent algebraic expressions; creating, analyzing, and fluently solving quadratic and other nonlinear equations; creating, using, and graphing exponential, quadratic, and other nonlinear functions.  (ETS: The Official  SAT Study Guide, 2018)
What are the benefits of SAT math tutoring?

Students work with a math teacher/coach who will show each student how

  • To set a goal score
  • Review the major math topics on the test
  • Identify specific strategies for each content area
  • Estimate efficiently
  • To pace their progress and when to guess on questions.
  • To use the calculator for maximum effect

Frequently Asked Questions about SAT tutoring?

Why would private SAT tutoring help me?

Private SAT prep tutoring gears every session to your specific strengths and needs. SAT tutors are specialists in their field and trained coaches who will share proven test-taking strategies while also answering content-based questions.  This is a total win-win for you

During private SAT prep tutoring sessions, students

  • Set a goal score and learn how many questions you need to answer correctly to reach it.
  • Work with two subject specialist coaches: English/Reading and Math.
  • Receive customized test-taking strategies and subject review in English and Math.
  • Complete homework that includes practice tests and review.
  • Base the number of tutoring sessions you sign up for on your initial score and the goal score you are trying to achieve.  A suggested rule of thumb number is 8 hours for the Comprehension and Writing sections and 4-6 for the math. Some students require more—others fewer hours.

What are the advantages of private SAT tutoring?

Private tutoring offers advantages over test prep class sessions.

  • Flexible scheduling, including weekends
  • Instruction geared entirely to your needs
  • Homework assignments individualized for you—built-in review is included as you need it.
  • Immediate feedback and assessment of  your progress
  • Comfortable environment for asking questions

Who benefits from private SAT tutoring?

  • Every student who plans to take the test but has not yet reached his/her goal score
  • Top scorers pushing towards 800 on verbal and math
  • Students whose skills do not translate to standardized tests

How many hours of SAT tutoring do I need?

We do not have a one-size-fits-all tutoring schedule.  The number of sessions a student signs up for depends on two criteria:  his/her previous SAT score and goal score.  We recommend that a student who has never taken the SAT test before sign up for 12 hours of verbal and 12 hours of math.  We adjust the hours according to the progress the student makes.


As a rule of thumb, we recommend starting with
4 hours for each ACT subtest:  English, math, reading, and science.  We then adjust the hours based on how well a student progresses.  Each student’s schedule is geared to achieve maximum success.
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