SAT Reading Tutoring

Why is the SAT Reading test challenging??

The SAT reading test is 65 minutes long and asks 52 Questions.  The reading passages cover a wide range of subjects and styles. The questions are not easy.  A few ask for direct information from the passage, but most require you to make inferences to find the answer..  The most difficult questions are those that ask you to identify the lines from the text that support your answers on specific  questions. These questions can be very time consuming.

 You will also answer  questions that ask for the meaning of words as they are used in context, and the choices given can be tricky.  One passage requires you to interpret data from informational graphics to find textual verification for a question.  There are usually two per reading passage, and these questions can be time consuming.

How will private SAT reading tutoring help me?

Private reading tutoring will show you how to take the reading test with confidence and skill and not run out of time. You will learn how to navigate passages that vary in their content and length and  how to interpret questions. There are strategies for answering questions on the reading test that cut down on time and effort and thus lead to higher scores. You will learn how to use different reading strategies for taking  the SAT than you do for class assignments. In the process, you will learn how to avoid the traps that have been set to lead you to the wrong answer.

Timing is very important on the SAT, and you will learn how to strategize and use your time efficiently.  If you are a very slow reader, we will how you how you can still maximize your reading strength.

You will 

  • Set a goal score and know how many questions you have to  answer correctly to reach it.
  • Learn how to prioritize passages, so you are working to your strengths.
  • Learn to identify the structure of passages.
  • Identify and avoid specific traps built into every test.
  • Interpret questions correctly
  • Learn pacing strategies for getting through the text and when to “let go” of a question and guess
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