Access to our Online TAC/TFS Reading Course Bundle for one-year

One educator will be let into our Online TAC/TFS Reading Bundle Course.

Online Teachers as ACT Reading Coaches Course

Video Series

Teachers as ACT Reading Coaches videos include

  •  why the reading test is so difficult for so many
  • setting goal score and learning how many passages are needed for it
  • the reading skills needed for success
  • essential pacing strategies
  • specific reading strategies to achieve maximum results
  • traps on the ACT Reading test and how to avoic them
  • example reading passages with explanations of answers

Additional Resources

  • Reading Success on the ACT teaching PowerPoint
  • ACT Jump Start power point for teaching 2-hour English/Reading ACT class
  • ACT prep English/Reading Workbook  (hard copy extra $15 plus shipping)
  • Rationale for ACT Coaching
  • General Principles for Organizing ACT Prep in Schools
  • Short lesson plans for a 3-session, 2.5 hrs. English/Reading Class
  • 40 Lesson Plans for semester long ACT class
  • Reading Supplemental Handouts
      • ACT Reading Quick Review with (PP)
      • Context Cues for Reading with (PP)
      • Last Minute Tips for Taking the ACT Test

Online Teaching for ACT Reading Success Course

This broader course is designed for high school English and social science teachers to familiarize them with the ACT reading test and discuss how passages can be incorporated into their classrooms.   It evaluates the reading process and describes the characteristics of proficient readers.  Teachers receive ACT-specific and curriculum-based resources for teaching reading.   Both teachers and students receive downloadable materials.

Instructional reading videos for teachers

  1.  Introduction to the TFS Reading Course:  a discussion of “what is reading”? 
  2. What are the characteristics of skilled readers?  What is your instructional goal?
  3. Learning to use context cues
  4. Learning to paraphrase reading materials
  5. Identifying the reading traps hidden in ACT passages
  6. Taking and scoring a practice ACT reading passage through the eyes of your students
  7. Classroom strategies to improve reading comprehension

Supplemental reading materials for teachers

  • “Teaching Reading for ACT and School Success: the Search for Meaning” PowerPoint

for class use

  • Reading Guide: Teaching for ACT Success
  • ACT Reading Jump Start PowerPoint for teacher instruction:  one hour ACT reading class
  • Essential social studies vocabulary for high school students
  • Most challenged (banned) books from 2016 – 2020

Supplemental reading materials for students

  • ACT Reading Jump Start for students: to print
  • ACT Passage Reading Notes: 4 different versions
  • ACT passage paragraph notes for writing summaries (paraphrasing) ACT reading texts
  • Using context cues worksheet

3 ACT Reading tests:  2 versions for each test—downloadable and marked PowerPoint for class

All ACT prep materials were written by Dr. Ene Chippendale