Online PSAT/SAT Math Course and Coaching Package

Avoid unwelcome surprises: take our 6-week Online PSAT/SAT course and tutoring package 

Our Self-paced 6-Week PSAT/SAT Math course prepares students for a test whose format and questions are unlike those they encounter in the classroom.  Our P/SAT teacher/coach Dr. Gary Moss shows students how to adapt to the challenges on the Math tests.  Subject review and test-taking strategies are combined, and success follows.  We have proven results. 

PSAT and SAT Math Course

Our P/SAT prep math course stands apart for others

1) It’s designed by an experienced math educator who has coached the P/SAT for over 30 years and thus knows both the content and test-taking strategies students need.

Dr.Moss adapts instruction to meet the needs of the highest achievers (the Merit hopefuls on the PSAT) and the full range of scorers on the SAT.

Dr. Moss brings decades of research and classroom experience to the P/SAT Math section. He understands the challenges students face and knows what content and test strategies help students  the most.

2) It’s based on knowledge of ongoing changes to the test.

The SAT has played a critical role in students’ college admission process for many years,  but its format and content have changed radically in recent years.   The guessing penalty has thankfully been eliminated.  The two math tests now allow a calculator for one.  Students who learn to program it to its max achieve a significant advantage. 

Dr. Moss remains up-to-date with changes on the test and uses the latest P/SAT tests in his course. 

By the end of the P/SAT Math Course students will have

  • A step-by-step guide for approaching each PSAT and SAT math test, starting with knowing how much time to spend on each test and each question on the test. 
  • Learned key strategies for interpreting questions and eliminating incorrect answers.
  • More confidence because the content of the test is now familiar.
  • Learned to not second guess their answers.  

Online PSAT/SAT Math Course FAQs 

What will I learn from this course?
  • How to pace yourself to avoid careless errors
  • How to “See” SAT math questions.
  • Multiple choice strategies for when you’re stuck
  • How to use your calculator effectively, including programs that you will be provided.
  • How to do the most common and most quirky questions that appear on most.
How long will I have access to the PSAT/SAT Math Course?

You will have one year access to our Online PSAT/SAT Math Course from the date of purchase.

Do I have to complete the online course in 6 weeks?

No. This online course is a self-paced course that can be completed as slow or as fast as you’d like.

The recommended time 6 week because that gives the students a few hours of work to do within their busy schedules.

What math concepts will be covered in the online course?

Most of the math you already know. You will learn some statistics that are addressed by the SAT that aren’t normally covered by traditional math classes. 

How does this course prepare me for the PSAT?

It provides strategies and guided practice with real PSATs

How does this course prepare me for the SAT?


What guarantees can I expect from taking this online course around the PSAT/SAT?

It’s hard to guarantee, but our data shows the average student who we prepare goes up about 150 points with the math sections  (10th-grade PSAT to best SAT) and a little less with the verbal.

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites ?

As long as you’re in or have completed Algebra 2, you have covered all the math (except for some statistics) that appears on the PSAT or SAT. 

Who is this course for?

Anyone who wants more scholarship money and more doors of opportunity.

PSAT/SAT Math Tutoring

The power of private PSAT tutoring

Private PSAT  tutoring sessions are geared specifically for each student’s goals.  No time is wasted on known material or waiting for classmates to catch up. Rather, each session will take a student on his/her personal  journey to success. Students will use only authentic PSAT tests for practice. 

Some students take the PSAT to practice for the SAT.  This worthwhile practice earns them higher SAT scores, which in turn lead to more college choices and higher scholarships. 

However, the real power of the private PSAT tutoring lies in its success in guiding top students to the single most prestigious  college award:  the Merit Scholarship. Merit semifinalists and Merit Scholars are prized by colleges and universities around the country.   Colleges offer lucrative baits to attract these coveted students:  generous scholarships, free room and board, and even study abroad.  The Merit is a prize worth working for, and we have proven success in guiding students to it. 

Advantages of private PSAT and SAT tutoring for all students 

  • Instruction geared entirely to each student’s  needs
  • Individualized homework assignments 
  • Immediate feedback and assessment of  progress

Purchase the Online PSAT and SAT Course and Coaching Package below or give us a call (573) 239-4074 or (573) 886-8969 if you have any questions.