Online TAC/TFS Science Course Bundle

One educator will be let into our Online TAC/TFS Science Bundle Course.

Online Teachers as ACT Science Coaches Course

Video Series


  • Introduction to the ACT
  • Common questions on the ACT and their answers

Teachers as ACT Science Coaches videos cover

  • background of the ACT Science Test
  • the 3 types of questions found on the ACT Science Test
  • the dos and don’t on the ACT Science Test
  • content found on the ACT Science Test
  • how students should use their time based on a goal score
  • general strategies for the ACT Science Tests
  • pacing strategies on the ACT Science Tests
  • strategies for the 3 passages on the ACT Science Tests


Additional Resources

  • ACT Prep Math and Science Workbook (hard copy extra $15 plus shipping)
  • Links to all the practice ACT test from 2014-present
  • Rationale for ACT Coaching
  • Definition, History, Ethics of Testing Coaching
  • Theoretical Foundation for the Effectiveness of Coaching
  • Short math/science lesson plans
  • 40 Math/Science Semester-long Lesson Plans
  • Math/Science Supplemental Handouts
    • 4 science tests on PowerPoint
    • Pacing on the ACT Math Test
    • ACT Math Execution and Comprehension Error Check List
    • Introducing Graphing Calculators
    • Multiple content, solutions, and review guides
    • TI84 or TI84PLUS CE calculator programs
    • Instructions on how to download and use the TI84 Calculator programs
    • To read or not to read… – ACT Science test document
    • Leveraging TI-84 Plus CE for ACT Success
    • ACT Item Bank (Real ACT questions sorted by topic which is ideal for classroom integration.)

Online Teaching Science for Success with the ACT Course

Video Series

TFS Science Course videos cover

  • Introduction to the ACT Science Test
  • detail content of the ACT Science Test
  • 3 general principles for teaching science for success with the ACT
  • 5 research principles that form the core of any ACT Science Test
  • more practice with the 5 research principles
  • find the 5 research principles on the ACT Science Test
  • evaluating your science class with regards to the teaching of the 5 core principles
  • The new Missouri standards for the science and the ACT
  • how to integrate your TFS Science Course resources into your science classes
  • TFS Science for Success with the ACT.pdf (written study guide)

Additional Resources

  • TFS Science Course resources
  • science passage sorted by the science classes
  • Missouri science standards document
  • how to implement ACT science tests into the class
  • links to all  practice ACT tests from 2014-present

All ACT prep math and science materials were written by Dr. Gary Moss.