Elite ACT Math and Science Course and Coaching Package

Dr. Moss has been working with math and science students over the past 30 years. He works with students across the country on how to score a perfect 36 on the ACT math and science test.

Dr. Moss’s works with individuals who want to get elite scores and get into the college of their choice. When he is not tutoring one-on-one, he is teaching workshops across the state of Missouri or on Zoom. He coaches math and science teachers on how to prepare their student for the ACT by providing lesson plans and work that can be implemented into the classroom. Lastly, he also partners with schools by teaching 4-20 hour ACT prep classes to the students.

From his personal expertise, he has developed an online ACT math and science course that teachers the content, strategies, tips and tricks that students must know to score a 36. In addition to the course, students will pick up where the course leaves off to do private tutoring with Dr. Moss for either 6 to 12 hours. 

Students who purchase the package with the 12 hours will be guaranteed a total gain on math and science of at least 3 points to their Superscore or $1,200 back. 

Features of the Elite ACT Prep Math & Science Workbook Course and Coaching Package


  • Digital ACT Math & Science Workbook (2022) (pdf)
  • ACT Math/Science Jump Start PowerPoint (2022)
  • 76CPRE ACT Test
  • The Power of Random Guessing (pdf)
  • Pacing on the Math Test (pdf)
  • Introducing Graphing Calculators (pdf)
  • TI-84 Calculator programs for the ACT Test (TI-84 calculator programs) and video instructions
  • ACT Math: Execution and Comprehension Error Checklist (pdf)
  • ACT Science Test Diagnostic (pdf)

Online Jump Start Videos

Math Section will cover

  • format of the ACT Math Tests
  • pacing strategies based on your goal score
  • pacing reminders to take the ACT math test more confidently
  • the three ways to approach each question on the ACT Math test
  • tips to max out your calculator
  • ACT Math Jump Start PowerPoint

Science Section will cover

  •  format of the ACT Science Tests
  • background of the ACT Science Test
  • the three types of passages that will be on the ACT Science Test
  • the dos and don’ts of preparing for the ACT Science Test
  • pacing strategies based on your goal score
  • strategies for taking the ACT Science Tests
  • ACT Science Jump Start PowerPoint

Explainer Videos

    • Identify the 4 uses of ACT scores by college and universities
    • Getting feedback from a practice test
    • 30+ (87.5 min.) of ACT math video explanations explaining each question of the ACT Prep Math/Science Workbook

    Benefits of taking the ACT Prep Math & Science Workbook Course

    • Digital ACT Math & Science Workbook (2022)
    • ACT Math/Science Jump Start PowerPoint (2022)
    • 76CPRE ACT Test
    • Written solution guides to the C02 ACT Math and Science Tests
    • TI-84 Calculator programs for the ACT Test

    Benefits of the one-on-one ACT tutoring package

    Benefits of ACT Science Tutoring

    Students will learn how to

    • Apply research principles and their science background to ACT questions.
    • Recognize 3 types of passages:  Data Representation, Research Summaries, and Conflicting Viewpoints
    • Review facts from elementary school science
    • Use the five research principles found on every science test.
    • Develop a “science sense” for making educated guesses.

    Benefits of ACT Math Tutoring

    Students work with a math teacher/coach who will show each student how

    • To set a goal score
    • Review the major math topics on the test
    • Identify specific strategies for each content area
    • Estimate efficiently
    • To pace their progress and when to guess on questions.
    • To use the calculator for maximum effect

    Benefits of working with Dr. Moss for ACT Prep Coaching

    • Certified math teacher
    • Over 40 years of experience
    • Ph. D. in Test Coaching

    Cost for 6-hour ACT Math/Science Course and Coaching Package


    Cost for 12-hour ACT Math/Science Course and Coaching Package


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    ACT Math/Science Course and Coaching Package FAQs

    What will I learn from this course?
    • How to pace yourself to avoid careless errors
    • How to “See” SAT math questions.
    • Multiple choice strategies for when you’re stuck
    • How to use your calculator effectively, including programs that you will be provided.
    • How to do the most common and most quirky questions that appear on most.
    How long will I have access to the ACT Prep Math & Science Workbook Course?

    You will have one year access to our Online PSAT/SAT Math Course from the date of purchase.

    What math concepts will be covered in the online course?

    Most of the math you already know. You will learn some statistics that are addressed by the SAT that aren’t normally covered by traditional math classes. 

    How does this elite math & science course and coaching package prepare me for the ACT?

    It provides strategies and guided practice with real PSATs

    What guarantees can I expect from purchasing this elite math & science course and coaching package?

    It’s hard to guarantee, but our data shows the average student who we prepare goes up about 150 points with the math sections  (10th-grade PSAT to best SAT) and a little less with the verbal.

    Are there any course requirements or prerequisites ?

    As long as you’re in or have completed Algebra 2, you have covered all the math (except for some statistics) that appears on the PSAT or SAT. 

    Who is this course for?

    Anyone who wants more scholarship money and more doors of opportunity.