ACT Prep Classes

We offer a range of ACT prep classes for students at every level.  All are taught by two content specialists: English/ Reading and Math/Science. This allows students to ask subject-based questions while also learning specific test taking strategies.    Our classes include JUMP START (4.5 hrs.), FUNDAMENTALS CLASS (15 hrs.),  GUARANTEED ADVANCED CLASS (24 hrs.),  and GUARANTEED  BRIGHT FLIGHT ACADEMY (21 hrs.)
Guarantee:  The Advanced and Bright Flight classes carry a  2-point guarantee or half refund (Bright Flight) or free class retake (Advanced Class).  Conditions of guarantee include attending all classes, completing homework, and taking the test for which student prepares.

December 14th ACT Prep Class Dates

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February 8th, 2020 ACT Prep Class Dates

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ACT Prep Classes


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ACT Prep Classes

ACT Jump Start Class, ACT Fundamentals Class, ACT Advanced Class, ACT Bright Flight Class


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