Private ACT Tutoring

We offer in-person and online private ACT prep tutoring.

Private ACT tutoring is the most effective and efficient tutoring we offer.  A student sets his/her goal score in all subject areas, and all tutoring sessions in English/reading and math/science are geared specifically towards  achieving those individual goals, be they 18, 28, or 34.   We adapt strategies as needed so a student can  achieve the highest possible ACT score.    

How does private (one-on-one) ACT tutoring work?

Private ACT tutoring is the most beneficial ACT tutoring available because every session is geared to the student’s specific strengths and needs. ACT tutors are specialists in their field who can answer subject questions while also teach specific test strategies.

During private ACT tutoring sessions, students

  • Set a goal score and learn how many questions they have to answer correctly to meet it.
  • Work with two subject specialist coaches: English/Reading and Math/Science.
  • Receive customized test-taking strategies and subject review in English and Math.
  • Complete homework that includes practice tests and review.
  • Vary in the number of tutoring sessions that are scheduled. A quick rule of thumb is a minimum of 4 hours per subject area, for a total of 16. Many students require more—others fewer hours.
  • Are not locked into a contract. We recommend 1.5 hr. sessions to maximize efficiency. Call for additional information and to set up an appointment.

What are the benefits of private tutoring?

  • Flexible scheduling, including weekends
  • Instruction geared entirely to each student’s needs
  • Homework assignments individualized for each student—built-in review is included as needed.
    Immediate feedback and assessment of progress
    No embarrassment asking questions

Who benefits of private ACT tutoring?

  • Every student

  • Ideal for top scorers pushing for 31 and higher

  • Excellent for students whose skills do not translate to standardized test

  • The best option for low scorers (16-21) who may feel lost in class and not comfortable asking questions.

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