One Day ACT Mini-class


(5 hours)

A 5 hr. ACT mini class for sophomores – seniors that prepares them to take the test with skill and confidence.  

  • Students learn the structure, content, and test-taking strategies for each test on the ACT:  English, math, reading, and science.   Students will have no surprises on test day!
  • PACING is everything on this test, and students will learn how to set goal scores and how to reach them in each area. 
  • A  review of English and math will be incorporated into the class.   
  • Class materials will include two workbooks, key content reviews to return to after the class, and the latest ACT test.


  • $1350 for a 5-hour class with up to 20 students. 
  • $67.50/student for each additional student.
  • Mileage at $.585/mile for teachers
  • If the driving time exceeds 2 hours or class begins before 9:30 a.m., hotel accommodations for the teachers.

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