Left Brain Thinkers

Left Brain learners rule the classroom. School schedules pose no problems because they are very time conscious. Assignments and test dates are remembered and even neatly entered into assignments books. Verbal and analytical, left brainers readily learn sequential skills : phonics, grammar rules, multiplication tables make total sense. Left brainers are verbal and enjoy reading and writing, building strong vocabularies in the process. Test questions make sense to them. They like to talk, debate, and argue. They follow multiple directions well and take good notes. The classroom environment is their natural home. Left brainers become our lawyers, neurologists, accountants, journalists , teachers, politicians, bookkeepers and bankers.



Right Brain Thinkers

Right Brain learners view the traditional classroom as a foreign land. Visual and spontaneous, they have little sense of time. Assignments are forgotten and test dates not remembered. Nonverbal learners, right brainers struggle mightily with routine classroom tasks: phonics and grammar make no sense, memorization of rote facts is difficult, spelling is hopeless, punctuation is ignored, and the meaning of questions remains an ongoing puzzle. Note taking is problematic. Right brainers only learn what they understand. Out-of-the box thinkers, they are not verbal but creative and intuitive, often giving the right answer without being able to explain how they got it. Right brainers are our artists, musicians, designers, architects, athletes, builders, surgeons and software designers.