Teaching for ACT English and Teaching for ACT Writing Success Course

Course Videos, Supplemental Materials, and ACT Tests

 This course is divided into two sections:  English Success and Writing Success.  The course begins with an introductory video that covers both sections.  The English  Success section starts with an introductory English video for a short ACT English class that covers the major content and test taking strategies.  The same power point, relabeled ACT English Jump Start, appears later in two formats:  the teaching video for you to used in class (answers marked) and the student video to print two slides per page, front and back.  The remaining materials include an English Guide,  supplemental worksheets that include additional ACT questions for the major punctuation and grammar categories, and ACT tests–both marked teaching power points and tests to print.

The Writing Success portion includes a writing instructional video  explaining the writing test, a teacher WritingGuide, and student materials to print for class use.  The three ACT passages students will sore for practice using the scoring sheets were scored 1, 3, and 5 by ACT scorers.  You will quickly see which is which!  Prewriting worksheets for students developed at Focus are also included, along with additional prompts.  You can download additional prompts at ACT.org

Instructional English video for teachers 

    • Teaching for ACT English Success 

Supplemental English materials for teachers

    • Teaching for ACT English Success PowerPoint
    • English Guide – Teaching for the ACT
    • ACT English Jump Start class PowerPoint for teaching
    • 4 Marked ACT test power points for class instruction

Supplemental English materials for students

    • ACT English Jump Start PowerPoint to print
    • 8 supplemental worksheets of ACT questions for the major areas of punctuation and grammar.
    • 3 ACT English tests

 Instructional video for teachers for Writing

    • Teaching Writing for ACT Success

 Supplemental writing materials for teachers

    • Writing Guide – Teaching for ACT Success

Supplemental writing materials for students

    • Students Practice Scoring ACT passages and compare to ACT scores
    • Prewriting worksheet to use with writing prompts
    • 3 additional ACT prompts for practice