March 2017 Newsletter

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March 2017

ACT Prep at Focus on Learning works. My score rose 4 points to a 33, and I now haver a full ride at Mizzou.
Jackson Overton with Dr. Chippendale

Student ACT Prep

We offer a wide range of ACT preparation for students at all levels. Students work with two content specialist coaches–English/Reading and Math/Science–which allows them to ask subject-based questions while also learning test-taking strategies.

We tailor ACT instruction according to the goal score of each student. This past year alone, out students have increased their composite score 2-10 points.

Every point increase translates into scholarship dollars.

Focus on Learning ACT prep instruction

Tiered ACT Classes

Fundamentals Class for students new to the test

The fast-paced, guaranteed  Advanced Class for more experienced ACT test-takers aiming for mid to upper 20’s

Guaranteed Bright Flight Academy class for 29’s and 30’s aiming for 31

Private ACT  Instruction

One-on-one ACT tutoring – each student works with two teachers, one for English/Reading and the other for Math/Science

What students benefit most from one-on-one instruction?

Students who have already scored 30 or 31 and want to move higher.

Students with busy and inflexible schedules.

Motivated students who like to work at their own pace and are willing to commit to homework.

Students with a broad range of subtest scores benefit from one-on-one instruction is to raise the composite score.


April 8th is the National ACT Test date

This is a good test for juniors to take even though they will be enrolled in the state mandated test on April 19. The April test is one of only three tests that the ACT releases to students, Students can order (for a small fee, of course) copies of both their test and their answer sheet. This released test is an ideal diagnostic because it shows how students perform under real test conditions. It also helps prepare students for the state test.

April 19th is the State Mandated ACT in schools

The state pays for all juniors to take this test, and it is administered during the school day.  ALL juniors have to take it, irrespective of whether they plan to go to college or not. This, of course, can create tension, both for students who don’t want to take the test and for schools that fear that their mean score will drop.  ACT scores are used to evaluate schools.

Students who receive special accommodations through IEP’s or 504’s must submit their request to the ACT at least 6 weeks prior to the test.

The ACT has become a high-stakes test for both students and schools. It is the single most important test a student takes in high school. A high score brings

  College choices

  Scholarship dollars that can extend to full rides

   College level rather than remedial English and math classes freshman year

A low score, on the other hand, becomes an embarrassment.  Students who don’t score well feel humiliated and even stupid.  Once they score poorly, it becomes more difficult to excite them about preparing to take the test again.

What does the ACT cover?

The ACT has 5 subtests: English, math, reading, science and writing. The writing test is optional on the national tests but mandated on the state test. All students are required to take the written portion on April 19th.

Why is the ACT difficult?

The ACT is designed to evaluate students’ readiness for college.  It covers English grammar, punctuation, and rhetoric and math through trigonometry. The reading test includes a variety of college level texts and the Science test covers passages from biology, chemistry, and physics and incorporates graphs that are more complex than those they use in their content classes.

The writing section presents three perspectives on a broad social issue and students have 40 minutes to respond to each while also presenting their point of view.  Many students are overwhelmed by this task.

ACT Prep Class Starting Dates

Fundamentals ACT Class Sec.1 starts March 13th, 2017

Fundamentals ACT Class Sec. 2 starts March 19th, 2017

Advanced ACT Class starts March 7th, 2017

Bright Flight Academy ACT Class starts March 11th, 2017

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