ACT Prep Fundamentals Class

Students learn the fundamentals of the ACT in four weeks!

ACT Prep Fundamentals Class

Students in our ACT Prep Fundamentals Class will learn

Major content review in English and math

Specific test-taking strategies for all four subjects

ACT pacing strategies

The pacing strategies that are critical for success.

ACT Practice Test

Includes 2 practice tests

What makes our online-live ACT Prep Fundamentals Class different from others?

The class content was developed and revised by two professional educators who are subject-specialists, Dr. Ene-Kaja Chippendale and Dr. Gary Moss, who has worked to develop the highest level of  ACT prep for over 30 years. The Fundamental Class incorporates the content and strategies that are geared to students who want to score in the mid-20s range. The classes include subject review for the highest frequency questions, test-taking strategies, and pacing strategies.

Our class is set apart from others because it
  • Modifies instruction according to the goal scores of the participants
  • Incorporates specific content review in English and math
  • Is taught by experienced teacher/coaches who can answer content-based questions as well as taught by


Students enrolled in the ACT Prep Fundamentals Class will

  • Learn the content and structure of the four ACT tests.
  • Relate the ACT test content to their class work.
  • Learn how to avoid the traps that can tank their scores.
  • Focus on pacing strategies that ensure they will get through the test in a timely manner.
  • Learn when to guess on answers and not waste time
  • Transfer answers to bubble sheet quickly and accurately
  • Program their calculator for best results on the math test
  • Take the test with confidence

What will students learn in the ACT Prep Fundamentals Class

Students will learn how to apply the knowledge they have gained in their classes to subject-specific tests on the ACT:  English, math, reading, and science

ACT Prep English Icon
The English section of our class will review/ teach students
  • Rules of punctuation and how to apply them to the test
  • Rules of grammar and how to apply them to the test
  • Use of rhetorical (word choice) options and how to interpret their meaning

ACT Prep Math Icon

The math section of our class will teach students to 

    • Program and use their calculator efficiently
    • Apply Pre-Algebra, Elementary and Intermediate Algebra, Plane Geometry, and Trigonometry principles to questions
    •  Apply alternative strategies to  math questions
    • Diagnose their mistakes 
ACT Prep Reading Icon

The reading section of our class will teach students how to

    • Determine how  many passages to read to reach their goal score
    • Prioritize passages for best results
    • Read and interpret questions before reading the passage
    • Eliminate “bogus” answer choices

ACT Prep Science Icon

The science section of our class will teach students 

    •  How to identify the three types of passage:  data representation, research summaries, and conflicting viewpoint
    • How to prioritize passages 
    • The five research principles that form the core of the test 
    • Both general strategies for the test and specific strategies for each kind of passage

By the end of our ACT Prep Fundamentals Class, students will have

  • A step-by-step guide for approaching each ACT test, starting with knowing how much time to spend on each test and each question on the test. 
  • Strategies for interpreting questions and eliminating incorrect answers for each test. 
  • Skill and confidence to move through each test, knowing when to leave a  question and just guess and  thus not waste time 
  • Developed confidence in their answers and not second guess themselves.

ACT Prep Fundamentals Class dates for the October 24th and October 25th, 2020 ACT tests

Week 1: 10/12, 10/13, 10/14, 10/15
Week 2: 10/19, 10/20 10/21, 10/22
6-8 p.m.

ACT Prep Fundamentals Class dates for the December 12th, 2020 ACT test

Week 1: 11/9, 11/11
Week 2: 11/16,11/18
Week 3: 11/30, 12/2
Week 4: 12/5, 12/9
6-8 p.m.



Please fill out the form below to sign up for our ACT Prep Fundamentals Class. Give us a call (573) 239-4074 or (573) 886-8969 if you have any questions.